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HanDBase Reporter for Palm OS & Pocket PC

Many HanDBase users have been looking for a report writing application that would allow them to print their HanDBase information directly from their PDA. Using HanDBase Reporter they can now design and print custom invoices, patient records, sales orders, equipment logs, receipts, survey results or anything else needed, right from HanDBase.

HanDBase Reporter is a tool designed to allow the HanDBase user to create custom templates that will fill-in data collected and stored in HanDBase, when printing via an infrared, Bluetooth, WiFi or a serial port connection. The templates may contain typesetting information such as italics, bold, centering, tables, lists, etc.

HanDBase Reporter comes in two pieces: Report Templates Manager and Report Templates Printer. The first is an application that allows the user to design templates using an integrated editor; all templates in the device can also be administrated in that same program. The second is mostly transparent to the end user; it becomes active whenever a user chooses to either Print Record or Print Records within HanDBase. If multiple report templates are available for the active database, the user is given the option of which templates to use and then the printing begins.


Currently supported platforms are the Pocket PC (Microsoft Windows Mobile 3.0 and above, on ARM based devices) and PalmSource PalmOS (version 3.5 and above). Reporter includes all the software components for either of the platforms to function, which includes printer drivers developed by Bachmann Software from their PrintBoy Enterprise Edition.

The user that will be creating the templates should have basic knowledge of HTML (HyperText Markup Language). The end users need not have this experience.  Database development and data type knowledge of HanDBase is also required. It is assumed that proper setup of the medium has already been done and that the handheld and the printer are communicating properly.

PalmOS Edition:

  • PalmOS version 3.5 and above.
  • At least 400KB of free RAM on device for basic installation.
  • 600KB of free RAM for complete installation, plus 35KB per printer driver.
  • HanDBase for PalmOS version 3.0k and above.
Pocket PC Edition:
  • An ARM based processor in the device.
  • 1.2MB of available memory on device.
  • HanDBase for PalmOS version 3.0k and above.

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