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All New & Improved HandEchart v4.0

Now Runs On PalmOS & Pocket PC's!

What's different in v4.0?

  • Now available for PalmOS & Pocket PC
  • Student, Patient, and Encounter data is now stored in a single file the students will use to beam / sync their data during call-backs
  • Completely new and improve interface, that is unbelievably easy to learn and use!
  • Updated ICD-9 and Procedures lists
  • Extensive new Drug list added
  • Help screens built right into the interface of the program
  • ICD9 expanded to 10 entries, and Procedures to 20
  • Director Edition now includes everything to sync directly to the corresponding Microsoft Handechart table.

Easy to use

Handechart is the number #1 selling handheld patient logging solution for N.P & P.A. students because….
  • Chris Helopoulos, MS, PA-C, and Associate Director of Clinical Education at Barry University's Physician Assistant Program co-designed the program to be tailored to the specific needs for Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant programs.
  • PC desktop companion application included
  • Convenient features, including desktop tools for filtering, sorting, exporting records, printing
  • Conduits for syncing directly with Microsoft Access
  • Friendly and helpful technical support
How it works

Students enter their patient information during each rotation, and then beam or sync their records during call-backs. Typically their data is beamed to their Clinical Coordinator's or Program Director's PDA device; however, syncing to a host PC is an option using a *USB IR receiver. This avoids issues with having to cradles for all the different PDA's on hand.

*requires Hot-Sync or Active Sync Mgr to be properly setup.

Why switch to HandEchart?

Are you faced with stacks and stacks of patient logs, and don't have the time to key in all that data to make sense of it? If you can empathize with that situation, then we have an easy solution!

Handechart is based on the idea of creating a simple and effective way to manage large amounts of student patient logs. Having patient data stored electronically means your only a few clicks and seconds away from producing vital reports and stats using your PC.

Imagine being able to generate reports in seconds to measure student performance, and insightful patient reports, such as demographics, procedures and more. That is what our HandEchart solution can do for you, and it doesn't cost a fortune to implement!

What can HandEchart offer over other solutions?

For starters HandEchart has over four years of experience behind the solution. Our clients benefit from our knowledge in a number of key areas, such as pre and post implementation, troubleshooting, and data collection.

Secondly, HandEchart is also the only product on the market that has combined the experience of a seasoned Physician Assistant educator with a veteran handheld software developer to produce a usable and stable software program.

Lastly our support resources are unmatched in the industry. There is an extensive online Knowledgebase for help 24/7, and our staff is always there to help M-F over the phone or via email.


  • Student Version $49.99. This includes Palm or Pocket PC software, plus a copy of the HanDBase PC desktop. The HanDBase desktop is compatible with HandEchart, and enables students the ability to add records, print, and export to Excel, Word and other popular formats.
  • Director Version $69.99. This includes the same software as the Student Version, plus it includes a conduit for Microsoft Access. All the conduit settings are built-in v4.0. This means records on the PDA where the Director Edition is installed will sync automatically with the corresponding Microsoft Access table. We've even added a convenient link to open the Microsoft Access table. You can find this link under the HandEchart Dir folder (Start --> Programs--> HandEchart Dir).

Training Video

Student Version:

  • Demo: Palm OS | Pocket PC
  • Purchase: Palm OS | Pocket PC

    Director Version:
  • Demo: Palm OS | Pocket PC
  • Purchase: Palm OS | Pocket PC

    Clinicians Drug List: Download

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