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How do I convert my MLS data that I get from Rappatoni into a HanDBase Database?
Product: HanDBase Desktop WindowsArticle Number: 170Creation Date: 01/29/2002

This is a fairly simple process however there is one MAJOR difference between a standard CSV file and the one obtained from Rappatoni. The Files that Rappatoni creates are standard CSV files however the name of the file has a .BAT extension. The .BAT extension is a valid Windows extention for Batch File Commmand Files so there may be some confusion. Additionally they will not automatically be listed in the Import option. Following are some basic steps for importing these files into the HanDBase Desktop so they can be installed to the handheld.

Before you begin the installation there are a couple of items to be aware of.

  • It is recommended that you save the Rappatoni files to a single location each time you download. You may want to create a Rappatoni folder somewhere on your computer to save these and the PDB files to, ie C:\Rappatoni.
  • If you have multiple agents in your office we recommend you create a folder for each agent. The best way to do that is to create a separate folder for each Agent with their Rappatoni user id, ie C:\Rappatoni\51298.
  • If possible you should name the download file something different, and unique, ie 012902.bat, where 012902 is todays date, each time you download the file. This way you will be sure you select the correct .bat file when you import.
  • If you do not want to change the name of the .bat file there will be a greater chance of incorrect data being imported.
  • If you have not already purchased HanDBase we suggest you purchase the Standard version, either HanDBase for Palm OS or HanDBase for Pocket PC, and NOT the HanDBase Plus package. Because of your need to continually import new data that can cause problems with the 2-way synchronization. If you do need the HanDBase Plus package for other uses then please see the HanDBase Plus section below for additional steps to take when importing.

Following are the steps for performing the actual Import.

  1. Open the HanDBase Desktop application
  2. From the File Menu select Import
  3. Click the Browse button to begin navigating to find the downloaded file.
  4. In the Open Dialog change the option for Files of Type to "All Files".
  5. Navigate to the location where the downloaded file has been saved.
  6. After locating the file, ie 54698.bat, select it and click the Open button.
  7. In the space for the Database Name fill in the name you wish to give to this Database. Something like MLS is appropriate. If this is not the first time you have imported you will generally want to give this the same name as what is already on your handheld. By giving it the same name the existing file on the handheld will be overwritten the next time you Sync and you will see the updated information.
  8. Leave the option for "Input (.CSV) file has Field Names as the first line of file" checked.
  9. Select the option for "Import Using" "Physical Order of Fields"
  10. Click the Import from .CSV file button.
  11. The HanDBase Desktop will begin processing and importing the data.
  12. Once the import is complete you can verify that the correct data is in the Database.
  13. Click the Done button to close the Database.
  14. When prompted asking if you wish to save the changes click "Yes".
  15. When the Save As dialog comes up select the location where you would like to save this file (Note: to avoid any conflicts with Synchronization we recommend you save this somewhere Benign, ie C:\My Documents\Rappatoni).
  16. Leave the file name as it is.
  17. Click the Save button to save the database.
  18. You will then be prompted to Install the database to the handheld.
  19. Select the user name of the handheld you would like to install this to. (If you have more than one user make sure you select the correct one.)
  20. Click OK
  21. If a dialog comes up saying that the next time you Synchronize the Database will be installed, click OK.
  22. Close the HanDBase Desktop.
  23. Put your handheld device in the cradle, or attach the cable, and initiate a Synchronization. (Pocket PC devices will automatically begin to Synchronize).
  24. When the Synchronization is complete you can open HanDBase on the handheld to view the data.

HanDBase Plus/Professional/Enterprise

If you are using HanDBase Plus there are some additional steps necessary in order to make sure there are no problems during Synchronization. Problems are likely because when you import data all the record numbers are re-assigned and those records will then attempt to Sync with the existing copies of the Database. Follow these steps to avoid any problems during Synchronization.

  1. Using Windows Explorer navigate to the HanDBase Sync folder:
    • Palm Users Default: C:\Palm\\HanDBase
    • Pocket PC Users Default: C:\Program Files\HanDBase\ActiveSync\
  2. From within that folder DELETE the file that corresponds to your MLS Database, usually the Database Name followed by .PDB, ie MLS.PDB.
  3. If you have multiple MLS databases delete each of those as well.
  4. After deleting those copies of the databases you can continue with the standard Import steps above.

We are working on a way that you can import your data into an existing HanDBase Database and replace the Existing records and have that Synchronize properly, deleting the old records and adding the new records.

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