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How do I take advantage of the Tabs in HanDBase Forms?
Product: Article Number: 184Creation Date: 07/31/2002

Tabs are one of the more complicated control types in HanDBase forms. However they are also one of the most useful and versatile controls. The use of Tabs let you create an interface that groups your fields and flows more naturally from one group to the next.

The most important thing to know about the Tabs is that the Fields/Controls on each tab are actually on separate Forms within the Form File for your database. You do not create a single form with tabs that just display different information when selected, though by link several similar forms together you can achieve this same functionality. The Tabs will actually have an Action of Jumping to another form to display their active page of data.

Basically then, you will want to create a single form that has all the tabs you want and any controls that you want to exist on ALL the tabs. Initially you will not set up any Actions for the Tabs. Then, when you are finished creating that initial form you will, on the Palm handheld, want to go to the Choose Form screen and select that form you created. Then tap the Copy button and give the new form a name. On the desktop just make sure the form you want to copy is selected and then choose Create Copy from the Form menu and give the new form a name. Repeat that for the number of tabs you have added to your initial form.

You will then need to Open each of those forms and for the tabs choose the Action of "Jump to Form". Then select the appropriate form from the drop down/popup list. For the Tab that refers to that particular form you will leave the Action as Do Nothing. You can then begin adding the controls you want to appear on the specific tabs.

The following link takes you to the HanDBase Gallery where you can download a Database and it's associated Form file that shows a simple example of using Tabs. In this example you'll also find the Line Shape used to create a box like you might see in other applications that support Tabs. You'll also find a control and label that appear on All Tabs as well as different Controls and Labels that appear on each different tab.


Hopefully this will give everyone an idea of how to take advantage of the Tabs in HanDBase Forms.

NOTE: In order to be able to see and edit this properly you will want to install both files to your handheld. Palm OS users will want to install them using the Palm Install Tool. Pocket PC users will need to install them through their Pocket_PC My Documents folder on the desktop into the HanDBase3 folder there. Then after you have Synchronized you'll be able to easily access the database and forms through the HanDBase Desktop, or through HanDBase on the Palm OS handheld if applicable.

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