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Wireless Hotsync
Product: Article Number: 194Creation Date: 08/16/2002

There are several ways to perform a wireless syncronization of you handheld device. This article will attemp to provide complete information of setting up and performing a internet-based syncronization from your Palm OS handheld device.

To sync your Palm device to your PC wirelessly you will need:

  • Any Palm Device with OS 3.0x or greater
  • A Form of Point to Point Protical (PPP) Connection to the web either by modem, Cable, IR or Bluetooth connection to a cellular phone or Modem.
    (Note: Palm.net service on the Palm VIIx and i705 does not support wireless syncronization)
  • A windows based PC connected to the internet with a static IP. (IE T1, DSL, Most Cable connections)
    (Note: Dialup connections get server will not support wireless Hotsync)

    PC Setup:

    Click on the Hotsync Icon in the system tray of your windows PC and ensure that there is a Checkbox Next to the Network Selection.

    Next Click on Setup, choose the Network Tab and ensure the the device your are performing a network hotsync with has a checkmark in the box next to it.

    Next click on the TCP/IP Settings... button. Ensure that you have the proper subnet mask set (Usually Leave this window open because you will need this information when setting up the Palm.

    Palm Setup
    Connection setup:
    For this example I will set up an Infrared to cellular phone connection via Dialup. Your connection may differ. If you have a different connection refer to the palm.com and/or your Internet service Provider for your specific connection settings.

    First you will need to open the system Preferences. Locate and Tap on the Prefs Icon on your Palms Application Menu.

    From the Select Box in the upper right hand corner choose Connections

    Click On New and set:
    Name: IR Connection
    Connect To: Modem
    Via: Infrared

    Then tap OK

    In the upper right hand corner switch to Network

    Network Settings:
  • Enter in your ISP name your Username and Password
  • Select for the connection the IR Connection that we just created
  • Make any other changes as stated by your ISP (Like DNS number or IP)

    You should test this connection by tapping the Connect Button. If your connection is successful the Connect button will change to Disconnect. Tapping the Disconnect button will disconnect you from your dialup account.

  • Hotsync Setup

    Open the Hotsync icon from your Palms Application screen.
    select the Modem box and choose the IR Connection as the connection of choice for ths sync option.

    Choose the Menu silkscreen icon and choose Modem Sync Prefs.. from the Options Menu.

    In the Modem Sync Prefs.. ensure that the Network Box is highlighted. then tap OK.

    Next Choose LanSync Prefs from the Menu|Options drop-down and ensure that LANSync is selected and then tap OK.

    Now choose Primary PC Setup.. from the Menu|Options drop-down.

    Remember how I told you to leave the window open on your PC? well, Now you can get the information needed to complete this screen from that window.
    If you have closed the window no problem, Just click on the Hotsync Icon Choose Setup then the Network Tab and click on the TCP/IP settings... button.

    Complete this information exactly as it is shown on your PC then hit OK

    Conduit Setup: Not required but this can help speed up your syncs, You can uncheck conduits in which you do not want to sync during your network hotync.

    Once this is complete you should be able to tap the HotSync icon on the center of the page and perform a network hotsync.

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