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How to handle AutoNumber field types in Access with HanDBase Sync Exchange
Product: General HanDBase Sync Exchange for MS Access TopicsArticle Number: 233Creation Date: 07/01/2003

The Microsoft Access AutoNumber field type serves as a convenience for generating unique identifiers for records in a table. However, Microsoft Access does not allow external sources to modify the values in AutoNumber fields in existing records or create values in an AutoNumber field for new records.

Because of this, if you have create a configuration in Sync Exchange between a HanDBase database and an MS Access database that has an AutoNumber field in it, you should omit the AutoNumber field from the field mapping for that synchronization. If you include an AutoNumber field in the field mapping, then the first time you create a new record in HanDBase, Microsoft Access will reject the new record, because Access will not allow external data sources to create a value in an AutoNumber field.

When creating a configuration in Sync Exchange, you can specify to Merge All Columns, Merge Selected Columns or Merge mapped columns. If you choose Merge Selected Columns or Merge mapped columns, you can specify which fields are included in the synchronization. Use either of these two options, and make sure that you omit the AutoNumber field in Access -- just do not match up the AutoNumber field in Access with any field in the HanDBase database.

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