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I get the message: "Cannot install on the device" or "Cannot save file to device"
Product: Article Number: 235Creation Date: 07/16/2003

If you have package that includes the HanDBase Conduit, Plus, Professional or Enterprise, then the main reason for receiving a message like this is because you haven't yet synchronized your device using the HanDBase Conduit. Generally this happens if you have your device connected and install HanDBase and then create a database using the HanDBase Desktop and try to install it before synchronizing with the HanDBase Conduit. The HanDBase Conduit will not continually sync like ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center. It will only sync when you connect your device or if you manually run the conduit. Therefore, if you receive this message all you'll need to do is disconnect your device and then re-connect it to initiate the HanDBase Conduit Sync so the synchronization folders can be created. Then you can try re-installing that database again.

If you do not have a package with the HanDBase Conduit then you need to have the settings in Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center set to Sync files. With Microsoft ActiveSync open, choose Options from the Tools menu. Place a checkmark next to the item Files, and then click OK. With Windows Mobile Device Center open, and your device connected, mouse over Mobile Device Settings and then click Change content sync settings. Place a checkmark next to the item Files, and then click Save. If this is the first time you have set this option, you will be given a message that a folder is being created for your files that are synchronized. If this is not set then nothing will synchronize between the device and the computer.

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