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Question: Should I use Link and Linked fields, or Relationship fields?
Product: General HanDBase TopicArticle Number: 259Creation Date: 04/01/2004

If you are working solely within HanDBase, this is not as much of a concern, and would be a matter of preference. If you have existing data with key values that can be used as the basis of a relationship, then use the Relationship field type. Otherwise, you can use either method to relate two HanDBase databases.

If you are exchanging data with an external data source, like MS Access or an ODBC data source, it is better to use a Relationship field in HanDBase rather than Link and Linked fields. The Relationship field type uses key values to relate records. Key values are typically used in MS Access and other data sources for maintaining relationships. Link and Linked fields in HanDBase do not use key values for the links, but create an arbitrary link between specific records in two databases. This arbitrary link does not directly translate to other types of data sources.

The Relationship field would be an added field, not something that you would map to a field in Access or an ODBC data source during sync, nor is the Relationship field a field that you would export. A relationship field uses other, normal fields, as the basis for the relationship, and these other fields would export or be used in a sync through Sync Exchange. In Access or the ODBC dats source, you would use those other fields as the basis for any relationships, as well.

You can find more complete information on the Relationship field type in the HanDBase Manuals for your device or for the HanDBase Desktop. These can be found at http://www.ddhsoftware.com/knowledgebase.html?UID=2018072010370454.162.128.159&read=95 for viewing online or for dowloading to your PC.

You can also find an example of the Relationship field type in the Gallery on our website. The database called "Relationship Tutorial Example" is an excellent example of how to use the Relationship field, and it can be found at http://www.ddhsoftware.com/gallery.html?show=number&record=1734. You can also see "Relationship Tutorial Advanced Example 1" at http://www.ddhsoftware.com/gallery.html?show=number&record=1736. Both of these are from the article in our knowledge base "Introduction to relationships and the use of the Relationship field type." at http://www.ddhsoftware.com/knowledgebase.html?UID=2018072010370454.162.128.159&read=221

There is also an article in the FAQs on our website regarding the replacement of Link/Linked fields with a single Relationship field at http://www.ddhsoftware.com/knowledgebase.html?UID=2018072010370454.162.128.159&read=214

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