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Tutorial 15: Finding records in the Mac Desktop
Product: HanDBase Desktop MacArticle Number: 311Creation Date: 12/07/2007

- Topic: Utilizing Find within a Database using Mac Desktop

- Product: HanDBase Desktop for Mac

- Version: 4.0

- Date Modified: November 24, 2007

- Handheld OS: n/a

- Desktop OS: Mac OS X (10.4.x, 10.5)



This tutorial's goal is to introduce the ability to find records as a new feature in HanDBase Desktop for Mac 4.0. Being able to find records extends the previous functionality of HanDBase Desktop for Mac by allowing users to quickly lookup data. In this tutorial, the necessary steps to configure HanDBase on the desktop to take advantage of this new feature will be detailed. Finally, additional resources will be provided should any further information be needed.

Step #1:

To take advantage of the ability to find records HanDBase Desktop for Mac 4 first needs to be launched. To do so, find the application in the Finder and double-clicking the icon. Be default, the application is installed to the following directory:

- Macintosh HD / Applications / HanDBase /

Step #2:

Once running, the first steps in configuring are, a database can be opened by using any of the following methods:

- Menu: File / Open…

- Menu: File / Open recent…

- Browse

- Selection of a database in the browser window

Step #3:

When the database is opened, click the “Find” button at the bottom of the window. Enter a string (text or numbers) in the “Search for” field and then configure the rest of the options. An explanation of the options is:

- “Search for” Field: Enter the string (text or numbers) that will be found by HanDBase within the records

- “Search all Fields” Checkbox: Check this box to have HanDBase look for the string in all fields in the database.

- “Select field” Popup: To force HanDBase to search in only one field, select one from this list.

- “Case sensitive search” Checkbox: This option tells HanDBase to only find records that match the case of the letters entered in the “Search for” field.

- “Field begins with…” Checkbox: This option indicates that the records to be found must start with the string from the “Search for” field. For example, if this option were checked and the search string was “a”, no records would be found in the data in the screenshot below. The reason for this is that no records in the “Mood” field begin with “a”.

After configuring the Find parameters, click the “Find” button to search the database. If HanDBase Desktop for Mac is successful in it’s search, the first record to match will be highlighted. To find additional records matching the parameters, click the “Find again” button

To summarize, this tutorial has introduced the ability to search records as one of the many new features in HanDBase Desktop for Mac. Additional resources, if needed, can be found at:

link to video version of tutorial

If further assistance is needed, please contact DDH Software's technical support at http://www.ddhsoftware.com/support

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