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Tutorial 16: Sorting Records in the Mac Desktop
Product: HanDBase Desktop MacArticle Number: 312Creation Date: 12/07/2007


- Topic: Sorting Records of a Database using Mac Desktop

- Product: HanDBase Desktop for Mac

- Version: 4.0

- Date Modified: November 24, 2007

- Handheld OS: n/a

- Desktop OS: Mac OS X (10.3.x, 10.4.x, 10.5)



This tutorial's goal is to introduce sorting records as a new feature in HanDBase Desktop for Mac 4.0. Being able to sort records in the desktop software extends the previous functionality of HanDBase Desktop for Mac by allowing users the ability to organize data according to priority, numerical sequence or alphabetical order. In this tutorial, the necessary steps to configure HanDBase on the desktop to take advantage of this new feature will be detailed. Finally, additional resources will be provided should any further information be needed.

Step #1:

To take advantage of sorting records HanDBase Desktop for Mac 4, the first step is to launch HanDBase Desktop by finding the application in the Finder and double-clicking the icon. Be default, the application is installed to the following directory:

- Macintosh HD / Applications / HanDBase /

Step #2:

Once running, the first step to being able to use the sort feature is to open an existing database. Either the menu commands File / Open… or File / Open recent can be used, in addition to the option of selecting a database in the main application window’s browser. When the database is opened, a list of it’s records is displayed, as illustrated below:

Step #3:

To use the sort feature, click the “Sort” button near the bottom of the window. The resulting dialog will allow for configuration of sort parameters in up to three different fields in the database. The field priority is defined by selecting which field to sort first, second and then third. To omit only sort in a particular field, leave the secondary and tertiary sorts to “no field”. After selecting the fields to sort, the sort order is to be defined. Choosing the “Sort forward (ascending)” option sorts in alphabetical order (a-z) or numerically (1-9). Alternately, choosing the “Sort reverse (descending)” option reverses the sort order. In this case, alphabetical and numerical sequencing are backwards (z-a / 9-1).

Step #4:

After configuring the sort parameters in HanDBase Desktop for Mac 4 as described in the previous steps, clicking the “sort” button in the dialog will change the orders of the selected fields.

To summarize, this tutorial has introduced the ability to sort records as one of the many new features in HanDBase Desktop for Mac 4. Additional resources, if needed, can be found at:

link to video version of tutorial

If further assistance is needed, please contact DDH Software's technical support at http://www.ddhsoftware.com/support

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