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Question: What are the changes for v4.0.1, 4.0.2, and 4.0.3 updates of HanDBase for iPhone and iPod Touch
Product: HanDBase for iPhoneArticle Number: 339Creation Date: 10/29/2008
On November 28th, 2008, version 4.0.3 was submitted to the Apple iTunes App Store for release upon their approval. You should hopefully find this update soon in your App Store updates section if you have purchased this product. Below is a list of bugs fixed in this update: The following bugs were fixed in the iPhone Conduit:
  • - Do nothing setting would report an error when there was indeed no error.
  • - conduit sync desktop overwrites handheld would not function correctly because iPhone would merge changes in rather than replace file
  • - Conduit sync would sometimes create duplicates of files on iPhone if structure was changed
  • - Various bugs in different sync modes
Fixed the following bugs in the sync settings screen:
  • - No way to edit Sync Exchange settings for a shared database
  • - Clicking between shared and regular would not update settings along right
  • - Various settings in a shared database were not saved as they were edited
  • - Clicking on the default settings and then switching to another database would not show the checkbox for using the default settings
iPhone Conduit Features added:
  • - Delete sync settings for a particular database
Note: Please make sure to backup your databases before updating to this version. The following features were added in v4.0.3 of HanDBase iPhone:
  • - Edit Field screen now showing Percentage of List view a field takes up
  • - Word Wrap of Field names in View/Edit Record screen
  • - Choose DB screen's edit mode now has way to go to DB Properties
  • - Confirmation on Delete all records option in list view
  • - Ad hoc wifi network now supported for Desktop Connect
The following bugs were fixed in v4.0.3 of HanDBase iPhone:
  • - Switching to landscape doesn't draw any real extra information to the right other than the field names
  • - Filters on Relationship fields did not work
  • - Copy record to new and then cancel still creates record, but doesn't show it in the list view
  • - Setting database to No Encryption would still offer 'encrypt/decrypt' record as choice wtihin View Record screen
  • - Check box fields could not be resized for list view
  • - Float fields by default save an undefined number of decimal points
  • - Selecting time within time picker's casino-style picker would not reset seconds
  • - Last Category not saved when selected
  • - View mode to jump to other database didn't work properly (caused crash)
  • - Databases named with extended latin character set could not be retrieved from iPhone via Desktop Connect or sync.
  • - Editing views showed cancel button when there was no way to really cancel
  • - Switching filters between field types could result in a crash
  • - Emailing records with text using accented characters and other characters from the extended latin character set would fail
  • - Edit Popups sometimes caused a crash
  • - Having an '&' in the value of any field would result in a cut off email
  • - Databases with names with '/' in them would not upload via desktop connect. Other characters were also possible culprits.
  • - Swiping left or right when there were invisible fields between the current left column and the left or right column that was visible would appear to do nothing
  • - Swiping left or right when there were no more fields to swipe to would open the record
  • - If db encrypted and also password protected, would not be openable as second prompt would not properly show.
  • - Relationship fields not showing in List view.
  • - DB Popup appending even if pressing close
On November 4th, version 4.0.2 was announced as Ready for Sale on the Apple iTunes App Store. From what we've seen the time for it to actually be available to users can vary so keep checking your updates or the Version information in iTunes for when this is available to you. Below is the bug that was fixed in this version of the software.

  • Trying to Delete a database from the Database list on the device caused the HanDBase application to crash.

On October 29th, version 4.0.1 was made available on the Apple iTunes App Store. Here are the fixes and changes available in this update! Here goes:

The following enhancements were made for v4.0.1 of HanDBase:

  • "Copy Record to New" option Within View Record and Edit Record screens
  • Support for international time/date and floating point separators
  • Enhanced several screens (Choose Time, Date, Desktop Connect, etc) for landscape mode
  • Phone number detection improvements to prevent accidental dialing of numeric data. Now phone numbers much match the example in the phone's region settings to be dialed.
  • Bumped font size in view record and edit record.

Bug fixes for v4.0.1 include:

  • Fixed memory leaks causing random crashes
  • Duplicate databases when downloaded from gallery
  • Crashing when entering the decimal point in the calculation editor
  • Crashing when editing popup screen
  • Crashing when deleting popups
  • Accented latin characters were not properly supported - (NOTE: Please see website for details on languages/characters supported in the database format)
  • DB popup field could crash when reached max characters
  • Advanced search not always working
  • Running totals would not always recalc
  • Autocorrect was disabled for text and note fields
  • Emails records didn't work properly in most cases
  • Advanced search always defaulted to numeric keyboard
  • If app crashes application detects this and prevents auto-reopening last database to prevent crash loops.
  • Created default view in new database creation.
  • If encryption enabled in a db and you add a record you are prompted for password. But password is not cached for subsequent adds.
  • Changing field type to unique or link did not properly update unique number generator.
  • Date of No Date showing as 1/1/1904 in some screens
  • Time of No Time showing as 12:00am in some screens
  • Landscape glitches when switching between screens while device was held too far horizontally

If you don't see a bug you've been experiencing listed as fixed here, please contact our support team. You may have reported it and we may have inadvertently let it slip through the cracks, so it doesn't hurt to send a reminder about it! As far as we know this addresses most all bugs reported thus far that we've been able to confirm on our end.

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