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Question: How do I upgrade from HanDBase Desktop for Mac to HanDBase Plus for iPhone and Mac?
Product: HanDBase for iPhoneArticle Number: 345Creation Date: 04/21/2009
Existing registered user of the HanDBase Desktop for Mac can upgrade to the new HanDBase Plus Add-on for iPhone and iPod touch for Mac by logging into their account on our website.

After logging in click the HanDBase 4.0 banner at the top or the HanDBase Upgrade Wizard along the right hand side, under Special Offers to begin the Upgrade process.

On the first page of the Wizard select HanDBase Desktop, if it's not already selected, and click Continue.

On the second page of the Wizard select the first option which mentions "Upgrade your HanDBase 4.0 software to a more powerful edition (eg Plus to Professional)" and click Continue.

On the third page of the Wizard click the link "Upgrade your HanDBase Desktop only registration to HanDBase Plus for iPhone Add-on for US$ 5.00".

You will be taken to the Crossgrade Checkout page. Ensure that your Billing information is correct and enter your Credit Card information at the bottom and then click the Complete Order button to finish the transaction.

Once the order has been approved you will be able to log back in and you'll then see the link to download the HanDBase Plus Add-on for iPhone.

NOTE: The Upgrade Wizard will default your new software to the same Desktop OS as was selected for the HanDBase Desktop. If you are a Windows user and are wanting to get the HanDBase Plus Add-on for iPhone for your Mac computer you will need to contact us either before or after the Upgrade to have us switch your Desktop OS. We can switch your Desktop OS one time for no charge. If you decide to go back to Windows there would be a $5 charge to do so. If you aren't sure the software will meet your needs we recommend you download the trial version of the software first.

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