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How do I help Tech Support Debug an issue with the HanDBase Conduit for Palm OS
Product: HanDBase Conduit for Palm OSArticle Number: 360Creation Date: 01/22/2010
Here is a link to a utility that helps us look deeper into sync problems:


Please download this file and save it to a folder on your computer. Then UnZip this to a location you can easily find. Once unzipped go to the folder you unzipped it to and open the debug40.exe file by double clicking it.

You will see a message and a checkbox to select. Select that checkbox and click OK to save this setting. Then perform a sync for your Palm OS device.

This will log all of the actions taken by the HandBase conduit during the sync process on a much more microscopic level than the normal sync log does. A file called hdbdbg.log will be created to log this information. Once you re-create the error, you can send the hdbdbg.log as an attachment to Tech Support.

If you have the most current version of HanDBase this log will be in the following location, where WINDOWSUSERNAME is your actual Windows User Name that you log on with or what you see on your Start Menu:

Windows Vista and Windows 7

Older versions of Windows, eg XP
C:\Documents and Settings\WINDOWSUSERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\HanDBase4\

If you have an older version of HanDBase or can't find the file in that location for some reason please do a search of your hard drive for hdbdbg.log.

While we can't guarantee that this will help isolate a fix or workaround, this should help us figure out at least which exact action is the last action that does work during the sync process.

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