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Question: Does HanDbase for Android support forms?
Product: Article Number: 376Creation Date: 10/14/2010
While any version of HanDBase supports the concept of forms, since the Edit Record screen is basically a generated form that you have some level of control of (eg, choosing which fields and in what order they are displayed), the concept of HanDBase Forms is generally referring to an add-on product we have on some platforms called HanDBase Forms (appropriately enough!).  This add-on product is what allows customers to design a custom data entry or display screen using drag and drop, with a high level of flexibility.

As of December 6th, 2013, HanDBase for Android now supports forms in version 4.6.300 and higher.  This is an add-on purchase available via In-App Billing on Google Play.  To purchase this product you must have the HanDBase for Android product.  Go to the Database Properties for any database and you'll see an option for Forms.  If you have not purchased the forms, it will then automatically take you to Google Play to purchase the forms.  Once purchased, this Forms button will simply launch the forms designer.

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