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Syncing an Android 3.0 or higher device with the HanDBase Android Conduit
Product: Article Number: 383Creation Date: 02/16/2012
Prior to Android v3.0 (Honeycomb) all Android devices came with support for USB drive (mass storage) mounting. Our conduits were developed based on this specification and worked fine before the change in Android v3.0 (and later revisions such as Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0)). In these newer versions of Android a different protocol called MTP was used that does not support drive mapping in the OS. Because of this change, our conduits no longer worked as designed- as an out of the box sync solution for Android. We created a new feature called Desktop Connect that lets you sync over wifi from HanDBase for Android. This is launched via the Sync button on the Choose Database Screen and requires a wifi connection to the same router as the desktop that is providing the sync. The desktop uses the conduit software as normal but connects to the Android device over the wifi network to do the syncing.

If you can't connect your desktop and Android device to the same local wifi network, you still can sync via the following manual options:

  • Email the database from Android to your PC.
  • Use the File|Merge feature to merge this with your desktop database.
  • Email the resulting merged database back to your Android device.
  • Opening the attachment in HanDBase and it will merge/sync the changes back to the device.

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