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Unlimited licensing, royalty free applications built in minutes, not months or years.

No programming
experience required.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will my application require users to have HanDBase installed on their handheld? No, the runtime version will have the appearance of a custom designed handheld application, including starter icon, beaming features, introduction screen, and more.

What HanDBase features will work with the runtime solution? Most all HanDBase program features will work with your runtime solution, such as cross-platform compatibility between Palm & Pocket PC (where both runtime platforms are purchased), multi-user syncing (with the optional purchase of Sync Exchange), beam syncing, encryption, forms, and more. The Windows Desktop version includes great features like Import/Export, Printing, and full editing. In other words, the runtime version will look and run as it does in HanDBase with a few exceptions. Most notably, it will look like your own application. Also, access to the Properties Section has been removed to prevent end users from tampering with the database structure.

Can I use my runtime built applications to sync data with another desktop database program? Yes, this is a very common idea. Many companies are building solutions to collect & store data in using a PDA. The data is then collected and merged into a single database table in programs like Microsoft Access, MySQL Server, and many others using the Sync Exchange program (see addons).

Will my runtime application sync with the HanDBase desktop program?  Yes, if you’d like to use the HanDBase desktop program to sync or for printing and basic reporting purposes, that is an option. You can now also target your own Windows Desktop companion for your app just by purchasing a Windows Desktop License (see left).

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