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Looking to sync your handheld database files seamlessly with your database files in another desktop or server application that supports ODBC? Would merging the data collected by multiple handheld users with your company's backend database tables be useful? Are you interested in generating summary reports based on data obtained from your mobile teams handhelds? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then HanDBase is your solution!

DDH Software's HanDBase Sync Exchange for ODBC was designed, as a solution for companys seeking to effortlessly collaborate data between its mobile team and corporate data-files. The notion of company saving valuable time and money by syncing data-files with its mobile sales-force, repair technicians, auditors, and the like is now an affordable reality.


  • Scalable to sync multiple users from multiple platforms to shared data-files on a PC or server
  • Intuitive desktop setup interface
  • Multi-table relational capability
  • Bi-directional conduit supports adding, editing or deleting records in either HanDBase or ODBC data-files to be synced together

    What programs can I synchronize with? Because ODBC is an open protocol and was designed to allow different applications to communicate and exchange data seamlessly you should be able to synchronize your data with any program that supports ODBC. We and some ofour users have tested HanDBase Sync Exchange with the following database applications.

    • Microsoft Access (97, 2000, 2003 and 2007)
    • FileMaker Pro (6, 7, 8 and 9) for Windows (NOTE: If you have a Filemaker database on a Mac that is accessible over your local network from a Windows computer it will be possible to sync with that as well.)
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • PostGRESQL

    How do I get HanDBase Sync Exchange for ODBC and get the best value for my money? New HanDBase users can save money by selecting the HanDBase Enterprise version. This bundle offers all the handheld, desktop and conduit software into one package.

    What's included with the Enterprise Version?

  • HanDBase Enterprise version- $79.99:
    (the Enterprise Add-on for iPhone is $39.99)
    • HanDBase for the handheld device (iPhone users must puchase the handheld application separately through the Apple App Store)
    • HanDBase Forms designer for the handheld device (Palm OS and Windows Mobile Classic/Professional only)
    • HanDBase Desktop for Windows
    • HanDBase Forms Desktop designer for Windows (NOTE: Forms designed with the forms designer are currently only supported on Palm OS and Windows Mobile platforms)
    • HanDBase Conduit for Windows
    • Data Exchange for MS Access
    • Sync Exchange for ODBC
    • ODBC Driver (NOTE: the HanDBase ODBC Driver is not included with the HanDBase Enterprise Add-on for iPhone)

    What if I just need to sync users to additional computers? If you already have your databases designed and syncing with one computer but need to add additional computers for your user's to sync to you can purchase additional copies of HanDBase Sync Exchange for ODBC as well.

    I'm not ready to purchase, where can I download a Trial version? We have 30 day, fully functioning Trial versions of all of our software. You can use the following links to download the the version of the software you need for your devices and computers.

    I'm ready to buy, how do I purchase the Sync Exchange for ODBC? If you are ready to put HanDBase Sync Exchange to work for you then you can use the following links to add the software you need to our cart right now.

    What is the difference between the Sync Exchange for ODBC and the ODBC Driver? Sync Exchange is a bi-directional conduit program, whereas the ODBC Driver allows handheld databases to appear as tables directly within corporate databases, which enable users to access live data for queries, reports, forms, charts, and mail-merge without having to do any conversions. Also, the ODBC Driver expands opportunities for enterprise application developers and systems integrators. Application developers will be able to use the new ODBC driver to write custom applications that can access current handheld data using developer tools such as JDBC, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports and the like, greatly simplifying the process of integrating handheld data into custom written applications.

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