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  • HanDBase Enterprise for Android Add-on
    Code: DDHHBAn03
    Product Name: HanDBase Enterprise for Android Add-on
    Price: $39.99

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    Purchase Options:

    Desktop OS
    HanDBase, the award winning relational database, is available for Android devices. This Enterprise edition is an Add-on. The HanDBase for Android app itself is sold only through Google Play and this package adds on to that with desktop and syncing capabilities on your PC.

    From your device, run the Google Play app and search for HanDBase.

    After you've done that, you can then purchase this Add-on which includes the following:

  • HanDBase Desktop Windows companion.
  • Two-way synchronization conduit.
  • HanDBase Sync Exchange utility for synchronizing your data with Microsoft Access, or any database supporting ODBC, and the HanDBase Data Exchange utility for easy conversion of your data to or from Microsoft Access or any database supporting ODBC.
  • Desktop Forms designer (designed forms currently work on desktop only, not Android device, though this feature is coming soon).

    The HanDBase Conduit for Windows enables you to Synchronize your databases between your Android device and Windows desktop versions of HanDBase. Now all changes to the same database, down to the record level, on either the handheld or desktop are merged together when you connect your device and synchronize!

    System Requirements

    HanDBase for Android running on an Android Device with OS 2.2 or newer. 10MB of Hard Drive space. Microsoft Access 1997, 2000, 2003 or 2008 (for Access syncing and/or conversion) or other ODBC enabled database application. Wifi Connection for both Android device and desktop on the same network for wireless sync, or USB connection to Android phone or memory card slot to accept Android device's memory card.