Data Loss

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Data Loss

Postby HEK » Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:42 pm

I just experienced data loss for the second time on the BlackBerry version of HanDBase. I have been a user on Palm and Windows platforms. I switched to a BlackBerry due to issues with my last Windows Mobile phone.

I did a sync and lost data after using HanDBase on my BlackBerry Bold. I have closed and reopened my database numerous times since the original data loss. Today, I was trying to sort records so that I could find a particular record (I miss the filter capability from the other platforms) and the app crashed. Upon restarting, I found out that one week of data has disappeared.

I have heard that the software works significantly faster on the iPhone/iPod Touch handhelds. After experiencing data loss twice, I am ready to give up on the product altogether.

Please help!!!
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Re: Data Loss

Postby dhaupert » Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:01 pm


I'm very sorry to hear of your issue. It's very odd to find yourself reverting to an older set of data since the way the BlackBerry version works is more transactional (ie, it's not all in a big file that is written periodically- each record is written as you save it). So to go back to data from a while back seems very out of place on this version.

Is it possible you did a sync any time recently? This would be good to know for two reasons:
1. You would likely have a backup that is newer than the data you have on the device.
2. It may explain the problem- if an older version of the database was set to install, it could have overwritten the data on the device. A backup would be available from the device so we could restore things.

I hope you do have a more recent backup. If not, there is little we can do to restore any data. But perhaps we can get to the root of your crash problem with a little one-on-one email exchange, trying to duplicate the setup you had and the circumstances you saw it happen under. Let me know if you're interested in this option!

Lastly, you mentioned Filters. You are correct in that there is currently no editor for the filter settings, but did you know you can change views and it will respect your filters? You can set the views up in HanDBase Desktop using some common filter settings you may like. Then when you sync and install that database to the BlackBerry, it will have the filters ready to be selected by name (ie, views). Not as good as having it on the device, I'd agree, but better than no filtering at all!
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