Problems with Storm

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Problems with Storm

Postby dunntony » Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:52 pm

I am having 2 problems with the Storm. While I can load databases on the Storm, I cannot get it to sync with changes. I have checked the log and the log has said that syncing has occurred.

The second problem is with relational databases. When I open a related database from the main one, there is no way for me to add another record. The menu doesn't seem to offer that option.

I am using the demo version for blackberry. Is this a problem with the demo that will be corrected with the purchased copy? If I cannot find a fix to these problems, the program will be worthless to me.

I am using the desktop manager 4.1.0 Build R2
Blackberry 4.1 Build 2

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Re: Problems with Storm

Postby dhaupert » Fri Sep 11, 2009 4:44 pm

Thanks for posting. Neither of these issues should be any different with the full version- our application is identical minus the time limitaiton.

In regards to the Storm syncing, have you looked at the individual entries within the log? I'd like to be able to help but would want to see a portion of the most recent sync after you made changes. I'd also want you to verify the steps you are making to make changes. For example:

- Are you making changes on the desktop, handheld or both?
- Are you adding records, modifying existing records, or both?

With regards to your second question, I'm confused and not seeing the behavior you describe. When I follow a link, I see the list of related records, and press the Blackberry menu key and get a choice among others of 'add record'. It sounds like maybe you are going from a linked field to a link field, which is going backwards in a one-to-many relationship. In that case, you can only see the record assigned in the 'one' side, but not add new ones, I believe.

Please clarify on both of these issues and I'd be happy to help further!
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