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Evils of the Registry

PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:14 pm
by DrRIck
You must delete the registry.
I have been a DDH user since at least 2002 and I have been using handbase for a very long time.
On the computer I mainly use, it seemed that the sync function wasn't working right. It got to the point where I quit using handbase on the desktop and transferred files to another desktop. I will not go into the different steps and how it screwed up because it happened over the space of several years and is/was related to multiple changes in devices, syncinc, shared data bases, etc--something became corrupt....................

I thought I would start over. Uninstall Handbase, reinstall.........same problem Uninstall Handbase, delete (saved to another location) the Handbase files under User/documents/handbase, reinstall software, same problem.

Registry location: DDH Software, first exported to another location, deleted the registry "DDh software", reinstalled Handbase, now asking for KEY, which I enter, fire up desktop, create new sync partner with my phone and now it works exactly like it is supposed to. Love Handbase, nothing quite like it. I would have abandoned most other software, but this software is worths it's weight in gold. My most important use now is keeping track of my passwords. It worked very well for many years as a way to track my Inpatients, procedures and the like.

Your must delete the registry.........if you are having similar problems.