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Sync Problem PC to Android MotoG5 Phone

PostPosted: Tue Mar 02, 2021 3:46 pm
by HermanD
I am using Hb from year 2010 on the Palm Phone
A few years now I use MotoG5 Phone. I synced with my laptop that worked ok.
Today I wanted sync between home PC connected to the internetmodem with one UTP cable and the MotoG5 connected to the same modem with Wifi
It did not work the PC could not find the MotoG5.
Deleted and reinstalled the HB program on the PC NoSync.
Deleted al connected Android users (Use also Tablet with Hb from time to time)
Wanted to make New Android user did not work PC could not find the MotoG5.
Then I had one idea I swithed on the Wifi on the PC. It is now connected with the modem by UTP cable and Wifi.
E voila now it was possible to make new Android user and to sync with the MotoG5.

So for syncing between PC and Phone both must have one Wifi connection, PC by UTP cable does not work.
Syncing with the laptop worked because the laptop has only Wifi connection with the modem.
I cannot remember that this "Both must be on Wifi" is mentioned in the manual.
Perhaps this info can help someone with the same syncing problems.

Re: Sync Problem PC to Android MotoG5 Phone

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2021 9:40 am
by HermanD
Today 24mrt2021 the windows 10 PC would not sync with Android Moto G5 Phone. It has worked always this Month.
The phone had a wifi connection, but no HDB syncing with the PC
On the phone disconnected wifi, reconnect directly and voila synced again.
Does this happen to other Android users?