Email Marketing stats that you should always keep in mind

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Email Marketing stats that you should always keep in mind

Postby Timmy898 » Wed May 20, 2020 10:47 pm

You will blow your mind with the following email marketing statistics.
As a company owner, when it comes to marketing, you should know the importance of budget. The last thing you want to do is to waste your money or time wrongly.
Yet you have little chance of this occurring with e-mail marketing. Who is it for?
Email marketing is one of those time-tested marketing methods. Over the years, company owners of all sizes have made use of it to meet their target market and increase their sales.
The problem, however, is whether we have credible data on email marketing to support such claims?
Naturally! Naturally! And it is critical, as a business owner, that you know these statistics by email. It enables you to invest confidently in your company's e-mail marketing.
Also, you need the know-how of the key e-mail marketing statistics if you manage the marketing side of your business. You can justify your costs and see the real value of email marketing.
It is worth noting that email marketing performs better than any other digital marketing method before we get many of the proven email marketing statistics since you are known to earn a huge return on investment of 4,400 percent.
The 2017 email marketing survey of Econsultancy shows that nearly three-quarters of 689 respondents have classified ROI to be decent or excellent. The highest percentage of any given channel.
Now that we have a bit of e-mail marketing history, look at 10 statistics that open your email marketing, so that you (or your partner) know why e-mails are worth your time.
Eye Opening Email Marketing Statistics
Statistic #1
Let us start with a research carried out by the Radicati Group that predicts that email user numbers will increase above three billion people by 2020. We will start our list of email marketing statistics. In other words, almost half of the world's population will soon use email.
Indeed, Gmail (one of the fastest growing email apps), with over one billion user worldwide, was reported by Statista in 2016, when you look at the actual email usage.
The truth is that e-mail doesn't work. We also saw social media coming and going. But email has always been here. It is rising stronger and in the coming year it will produce even better results.
While websites such as Facebook and Instagram have been growing rapidly by adding loads for users, the scope and the power of email are still far from reaching. Ask any expert digital marketer who knows that email is the biggest "closed" social network out there.
Regardless of how you advertise your business at the moment, e-mail marketing should be incorporated, because this is a sure way to communicate to the target audience free of charge. You have a better chance of gaining a replay business in the long term by building a relationship with potential customers via e-mail.
The bottom line is: e-mail is a medium which works as a backbone for Internet communication. But it will be difficult to create a successful company on the internet if you don't take email seriously. And you want to stop that specifically.
Statistic #2
When Lyris, Inc. analyzed mail marketers using list segmentation, the majority of them found that they saw open rates and even lower rates of unsubscription.
Segmented email marketing campaigns will raise their open rate by 14.65 percent as compared with un-segmented ones, according to another study conducted by MailChimp. They also found the click-through rate increases by 59.99 percent.
Of all the statistics for e-mail marketing, this only shows the importance of the best possible segmentation of your email list. Highly relevant are the main reason why segmented emails work so well.
The suggestion to stop sending generic email to someone on your email list is to send segmented mail.
You must always be useful and relevant to your subscribers' needs and desires. If you continue in sending irrelevant e-mails, subscribers will inevitably get fed and leave your list or maybe even send your mail to the junk tab.
You will find that one of the reasons you look at other email marketing statistics is lack of relevance, because emails aren't working for certain marketers.
What's that saying to you? Successing email marketing is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses, which send generic emails without segmenting their email list intelligently. If you want your email marketing to be important, then you must send out hyper-specific emails.
You find that the best emails are geared directly at you when you look at your own inbox. It shows that you and your interests care about these companies / brands. And that's why they're focusing on email marketing.
Know, it is all right to send promotional emails from time to time to your entire list. But you should consistently benefit from list segmentation.
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