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Re: Where do I download the MacOS Desktop?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2021 11:27 am
by MidCoast Jim
Hi Glen and Curt --

I thought I had posted a reply last night but it apparently didn't take.

First, thank you both big time for all the time and effort expended - VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!! Curt, I took your advice and created a completely new pdb from scratch, duplicating the structure of my problem database without the two DB Popup fields. The New/Edit record screen was working fine. I then added, one by one, the DB Popup fields and tested New/Edit and all went smoothly.

At that point I entered hours of frustration and confusion ;-( There were several things getting in the way of my being able to successfully export and import records. The hardest to diagnose and correct was caused by at some point my having changed the ORDER of the fields so far as how they displayed. I had a good idea what was going on when the records' "time" kept showing up in the "Note" field.

I think I identified some features and functions which are missing from HDB Mac Desktop. I was lost so deep in the "forest" last night that I was never quite sure when I was at fault and when I was being hamstrung by the software. One thing might be that Mac Desktop does not support filters -- I could see SORT but filters were hidden. I also have not seen how I can set the sync procedure for an individual database: I am used to being able to leave all PDBs as syncing, setting one PDB to "device overwrites desktop", for example. I could not figure how to do that when syncing the phone and MacBook Air M1 ....I wanted the newly created PDB to be "copied", I just had to be sure that it was okay if ALL the PDBs on the phone overwrote ALL on the DeskTop.

I am still recovering for my late night battle. I am 98% sure that all is well. I am going to check for the other PDB (and maybe others) I had found that had the same "edit window too large to fit on the screen" problem. I have to admit that if the PDB(s) is not of critical importance I will most likely just delete it (them) vs. getting into an hours long battle.

Again! Thank you for your patience and support!! Jim

Re: Where do I download the MacOS Desktop?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2021 1:42 pm
by curtterp
Glad to see that recreating the database solved the display issue. That leads me to believe that there was some corruption within the structure of the database causing the issue.

You can set how an individual database syncs by doing these instructions.
  • Go to Devices->Sync/Configure iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Devices
  • Highlight your iPhone partnership in the center box, then click the Edit Sync Settings button
  • Left Side under the big box, click on the + Button
  • A Finder-like window will appear. This should open to the HanDBase folder of the partnership that you highlighted before. Click on the database you want to change the sync settings, then click on the Open button on the bottom right corner.
  • On the sync settings screen in the left side box, click on the arrow to the right of Shared Settings to show the contents.
  • Click on the database you just selected 2 steps ago, then click on the setting on the right side that you want HanDBase to perform.
  • Repeast the instructions for any more databases you want to change the sync settings for. When you are done, click on the close window dot on the upper left corner of the window (Red Dot)
  • You can sync from there, or just close the sync window.

You will notice that the databases you select will go into the shared databases folder. You will not be able to remove the checkmark from the Share Database setting on the bottom right-hand side. If you do not to wish to share the database, click on the sare database with some users, and do not select any of the users that may show up.

To remove any databases from the shared settings and go back to default settings, highlight the database you wish to remove from the Shared settings, and then click on the -(minus) button below the box on the left side.

If you have any questions about the above procedures, please ask away.

Have a great day