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problems with negative floating point numbers

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:42 pm
by AndreasDK
When I try to enter negative floating point number in my Danish HTC S710, I cannot do that. Negative numbers, which are entered via the HandBase Desktop and than syncronized to the mobile-phone are changed to "0". How can I come arround that problem?

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In Europe we normally use comma as separator for decimal numbers. Therefore I have chosen "Comma Separates Float Values" in the "Preferences"-window in HandBase Desktop

(HanDBase professional for Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone) 4.1 Build R4).

As long as I enter floating point numbers in the database via HandBase Desktop, everything works fine.
The regional settings on my laptop with Windows XP Professional are
number: 123.456.789,00
time: 17:49:55
short date: 2009-08-21
long date: 21. august 2009

However, when I edit the same (sync'ed) database on my Windows SmartPhone, I get an irritating warning each time i scroll over a floating point field in a record. The message is

"Acces Denied"
Wrong Float value Entered

After accepting this with "OK", I can enter, change or continue scrolling. This is irritating, because the Windows Mobile phone is so slow, that it takes a couple of seconds each time i scroll over at floating point field.

I have observed, that floating point numbers are shown with comma in the list view and before I scroll over the field in a record. After the error message as described above, the comma change to a decimal-point. When I leave the record and jumping back into the record, there is a comma again and warning me again with the message above.

The Phone is a "HTC S710" with Windows Mobile Standard (no touchscreen) CE OS 5.2.1235 (Build 17740.0.2.0)
HanDBase Version 4.10 4/01/2008

Since I live in Denmark, the phone is localized to Danish from the Mobile Operator (Tele Danmark TDC).
In the international settings
positiv tal (positive numbers): 123.456.789,00
negativ tal (negative numbers): -123.456.789,00

Any suggestions how to get it to work with commas?

Best regards

Re: problems with negative floating point numbers

PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:22 am
by dhaupert
Hi Andreas,

My apologies, it does sound like a bug with the program in handling floats within the Edit Record screen. I've logged this as a bug and will try to address for the next maintenance release.

Re: problems with negative floating point numbers

PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:33 pm
by AndreasDK
Hi Dave,

thanks for the feedback. I will wait for the next release, until than I live with it as it is.

Best regards