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ideas for HanDBase

PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 6:51 am
by shalom
I used SmartList on my Palm, which doesn't seem to be available for Android. Here are some ideas to help improve HanDBase.
* On Listview, add divider lines between the fields so the fields and titles don't run into each other - it aids in visibility when display width is narrower than the field name/text.
* Display some kind of marks on the field width bar to aid in adjusting the width more precisely.
* Allow up to 3 fields to remain on the Listview screen when scrolling the fields.
* Export the file structure (field names with settings including linked file info and formulas; views with field order, sorting, & filters; etc) to a text file. This would help with documentation of applets as well as aid in knowing where to change linked file names if a name is changed.
* increase the font size a bit on the formula display, it is very tiny.

On my Palm I developed a pretty detailed system for the girls club I work with at church. It tracked all the sponsors and girls, the badges earned each year, attendance, as well as who taught the class for each group each week. It involved some pretty detailed if..then..else formulas using their advanced calculation data type. Within the else and then parts I could concatenate fields, do calculations, or embed another if..then..else. I could also assign display colors to the resulting answer (IE. IF .. then (red)F3 else (green)F3). A case type statement would be very useful [ie: Case(F4(0,F6,F7,F8+1)) so F2 will be set to 0 if F4=0, or the value of F6 if F4=1, etc; also F2 should be able to be a text or numerical data type]. Do you have plans to add such functionality for the Android?