NEXT RECORD selects Next Item on PopUp

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NEXT RECORD selects Next Item on PopUp

Postby cenzer » Wed Jul 22, 2020 6:36 am

[*] Does not advance to next record
[*] Stays on Record and populates the PopUp field with the next item'

[*] NEXT RECORD works find in other Databases
[*] Should I download for this Galaxy S9:
HanDBase Professional for Android Add-on

The CONTROL ICONS [<] and [>]
On the top Record, only [>]
This > goes to the Previous Record
On other records, there are both [<] and [>]

The [<] goes to the Previous Record
The [>] activates a Popup
Delete Record
Save Record As PDF
and so forth
But no longer any option to go the Next Record; except programming a Button to do so

The Information popup on the phone says:
HanD for Android Version 4.6.403

Thank you
Thank you.

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