Discussion of the version of HanDBase that runs on the iPhone and iPod touch devices. This includes the synchronization conduits as well.


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I had HandBase on my iPhone XR and it disappeared. I've used HandBase for years and have it on an Android tablet, my Windows desktop and DID have it on my iPhone until recently. I decided to re-purchase it from the website via my computer. When I received the link in an email, I tried to open it on my phone. It says the .exe file is there but I cannot open it to install it. email to the company bounced, twice, and phone connections were terrible. I've had such good support in the past that I'm stymied. Any suggestions out there for installing it? I guess I should have bought it through the app store. It was $5 cheaper there and probably would have worked immediately, but I want it to sync with my desktop and wanted to make sure that would work. Thanks!
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Re: Installation

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Thanks for writing. When you buy via our website you're buying a windows desktop program. When you buy via the App Store you are getting the iPhone version. Since you bought originally via the app store, you already have the iPhone app version and you shouldn't need to purchase it again!

And now it seems you bought the windows version to be able to sync between it and the iPhone so in theory you should be all set!

(Each are sold separately due to restrictions from the App Store)

Here's how to download from the App Store again:

Launch the App Store
Go to the search box and type in HanDBase.
Choose HanDBase from the list there.
Now there should be a little cloud icon if you've already purchased it. Go ahead and click that cloud and it will let you download it again for free.

Occasionally you'll get a buy button there even if you already purchased it. In my experience when I click on buy and enter my password, it then prompts that you've already paid for the app and can download it for free. If you don't get either of these, it means the app store account you're using did not purchase the app, which can happen if you have more than 1 iTunes account.
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