Photo numbers?

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Photo numbers?

Postby huuanh2811 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:58 pm

Thanks to your response to "Add New Photo". Regarding that same line of thought, here is a wish list item.

When browsing through the "Manage Image Library" section, would it be possible to have the image number show up below or above the image? When I want to refer to a specific image in the database, I have to go look in the library to see what images are close to the image I want to show. Then go look where I've referenced them to see a likely number. Then go back and copy an image reference number where I want my image. Then edit the last 2 digits and guess at the number until the right image shows up where I want it. If the image number (just the last few digits) was associated with the image in the library I could get it without fishing for it.

I notice that when an image is deleted in the Library, that slot is then filled with the next image taken with Photo Picker. That is ok, but it does confuse the process of finding the right image, so the above would help with that.

Also, when deleting a photo in the Image Library on device it is almost impossible to delete (out of 200 or 300 photos) several images that are in the beginning of the sequence. Spend several minutes scrolling all the way back to the ones you want - delete one- and FLASH you jump to the beginning again and have to scroll through all those 100 or more images to get to the next one that you want to delete that was right beside the other one, but it took several minutes to get back there again. I see why that person indicated this was impossible. I guess that is why you recommended iExplorer to manage images.

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Re: Photo numbers?

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:43 pm


Thanks for your suggestions- both of them are good ones! I'll add them to the wish list and lets see if there is some interest from others in having it.

And yeah the image management stuff could definitely use some love!
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