Import CSV confusing directions.

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Import CSV confusing directions.

Postby glenwf » Sun Feb 12, 2017 5:12 pm

Importing CSV files into a new database is not confusing and I get the first line input as field names.

Importing CSV files into a current database, it gives the directions (see attached screen shot) and two ways to import them so the first line in the file is data or field names.

I always choose the button "Field Names" and the end result is the first line becomes the first line of my data and I have no field names.

Then I have to do the process over again and this time pick "Record of Data" button and that brings in the CSVs with the first line of data becoming the Field Names.

I think those buttons are not labeled correctly, or you all think different that I do. Does anybody else agree with me?

The window should be more specific and have two options and forget the paragraph above which is confusing.
Button = import first line as field names
Button = import first line as first line of data
Screen shot of confusing window.
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