Help for calculating formula

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Help for calculating formula

Postby royaltiger » Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:24 am

I've created a database to store my wage payslip details, taxes national insurance etc. Basically what i want to do is add a starting value, then previous value of a Field " Tax" based on a Field " Tax Month 1" to a new value "Tax Month 2" but I only want to get to "Tax Month 12" as my maximum value. So for example I may have 40 records but I only want the tax months 1 to 12 to add up as apposed to tax month records 1 to 40 adding up. I'm not too good on formulas, and cant work out how I get Tax month 1 to add to tax month 2 and so on till tax month 12, and start again at Tax month 1. As always many thanks for all the help that goes into the answers.
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Re: Help for calculating formula

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:17 am

Hi there,

Thanks for your post. Is there a field that lets you know what tax month the record is? Perhaps a record number field, or another field that specifies the tax month. If there is, here's how I would approach this:

Create a conditional field with the formula of: if [tax month field] is less than 13, value equal [tax amount], else value equals zero.

Now in your calculation add this value instead of the tax amount, and it will only add the value if it's within 1-12 tax months.

Hope this makes sense!
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Re: Help for calculating formula

Postby royaltiger » Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:49 am

Hi Dave
I'm probably thinking my calculation field isn't correct either.
"Tax Period" "Tax Code" "tax deduct" "Taxed"
1 1100 20 20
2 1100 15 35
3 1100 20 55
4 1100 35 90
5 1100 20 110
11 1100 20 220
12 1100 20 250
1 1150 135.80 135.80
2 1150 231.60 367.40

This is how I would like it to look if that makes sense, But I'm unsure on the formulas and field settings. I've used the conditional formula that you suggested which in theory gives me the Tax deduct field, but I think its getting the Taxed calculation which I can't get. In theory Taxed should be Tax deduct Tax Period 1 plus Tax deduct Tax Period 2 etc. Sorry its not previewing as its looking, can't get columns and spaces showing
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Re: Help for calculating formula

Postby Brian_Houghton » Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:53 am

If you want to send a copy of the database to support @ ddhsoftware . com I'll take a look at your formula.
Kind Regards,
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