Why to display a relationship in forms

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Why to display a relationship in forms

Postby Steveransom » Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:26 am


I have 2 DBs one has a list of locations the other a list of objects at those locations.

Location DB has a record LOC1 with attributes

Object DB has a list of of objects and locations they are at. The location is a relational field back to the Location DB
So the object DB has


What I want to do is have a form for the Location table with a button that displays the objects at that location. If I set that form and button up nothing happens when you press the button. It occurred to me that the relationship is on the Object table so I set the form up on the location table and it works. I.e. it jumps to the Location table selecting the appropriate record. So it works but exactly the opposite way to how I want it to.

Is my data set up incorrectly?
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Re: Why to display a relationship in forms

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Sun Jul 01, 2018 4:21 pm


Thanks for writing. Its hard to tell where things may be off from just your description but this should definitely be doable! Here's the general idea:

- Set your relationship up such that without a form (ie, using the Edit Record screen) when you tap on the relationship field in the table it shows you the list of related objects/items.
- Once that is set up, enable or create your form in the database where you want to be able to do the same jump as above.
- In the form add a button control.
- In the data source, point to your relationship field.
- In the actions, choose follow link/relationship/external

That should make it so that tapping the button you added jumps to the related records in the other table. If you're still having difficulties, perhaps you can email the databases and forms to our support@ddhsoftware.com email address and we can take a look!
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