Linked databases. Access violation

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Linked databases. Access violation

Postby JRPMD » Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:41 am

Hello ,I have many Handbase databases with link and linked fields.
It works fine , but many times I get the
"ACCESS violation at adress 0055ABF7 "handbasedesktop.exe". Read of adress 000000A0","Invalid pointer operation" and "Abnormal program termination" errors.
It occurs when trying to open the linked database by clicking de link button of the parent field.
It never occurs when opening the linked database primarily.
I have the Handbase Professional for Android version 4.6.2 and redownload it many times in different PCs , create new databases with link and linked fields and after recording a few registers the access violation error is present!
I have no problem when sync to an Android device and the linked databases work properly in this device.
I think there is no a corrupt database since this error occurs in all new databases after a few records.
There is something wrong with the link and linked fields .
Maybe there is a trouble in the last HB version I purchased.
How can I avoid this error ( and lose of data)?
Thank you very much!
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