Editing Fields in Database properties does not save settings

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Editing Fields in Database properties does not save settings

Postby GopaMD » Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:09 pm

I am having a recurrent issue with HanDBase on iPhone X with the app not saving specific Field Settings:

I go into Database Properties -> Fields then edit a particular field to be 'Visible in Edit Record Screen' and 'Included in Exports', then Save these settings. I have done this on every one of the Views I regularly use. However, each time I open a View and create a new Record, this field is again not visible. I have to go back into Database Properties and repeat the above steps over again; then, for that one record, the Field is visible and I can enter my data. When I go back to the full list of records, again, in order to view this field in my Exported data, I frequently have to reset those steps yet again. This behavior has become kind of maddening! Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

I have also had frequent crashes of the app over the last several years -- I have tried reloading the app fresh onto my iPhone, have copied a colleague's database files in case mine are corrupted, but nothing seems to help this either. Even getting a new phone did not help, as I was experiencing the frequent crashes on my old iPhone 6s before upgrading to the iPhone X about a year ago. The database I am using is quite large (about 2500 Records) -- could this be the issue? I cannot submit my database to the developer for debugging as it contains protected health information.

Thanks for any assistance with these issues! I've been a loyal user of HanDBase since at least 2001 (back in the PalmPilot & Handspring Visor days!)
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Re: Editing Fields in Database properties does not save sett

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Sat Mar 30, 2019 12:48 pm


Thanks for writing and for continuing to be a loyal user of HanDBase after all of these years! Its amazing to me to think back to 2001 and where the world of technology was at the time. It was the golden days of HanDBase and DDH Software, that's for sure, but technology has come such a long way and so much has changed in our world. I never would have fathomed that users would still be using the app all these years later, but I'm grateful that its the case!

There is a setting within each view to specify whether the changes you make while outside the view settings are applied to the selected view. In other words, lets say you select a view called 'this month' which sets the filters to show the current month of records. If you have the option in the view labeled: "When Filters and Sorting Change" set to 'Do NOT Update view', and you go to the filter section and change the filter range to the past week instead, it will indeed show you the current week of records, but the change doesn't get saved back to the view filter settings. The next time you select last month it will still show the last month of records. Sometimes users want it so that the view gets updated when field properties, sorting, filtering, etc are changed and they toggle the option to 'Update view settings also'. At that point any changes you make to filters, sorting, and field order/size/etc properties will be saved back to the view itself. I'd double check that this setting is in line with your desire on the views, and let me know if this could be related to the issue you're having.

As for it crashing, I am not sure- sometimes a database can become corrupt and at that time the app responds very erratically- often crashing as you open it or scroll to a corrupt record. The solution there generally is to restore from an older backup or to export to CSV and import back. Your number of records is not an issue- HanDBase users have databases with up to the max 65000 records and it doesn't really effect things other than to make the file larger.

If you can find a duplicating set of steps to crash you could share with me a copy of the database where you overwrite sensitive PHI with some placeholders. Eg, go to the persons name and use the set value to function to set all records to the same John Smith value. That's up to you- not much else I can do if we can't replicate the problem reliably unfortunately!
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Re: Editing Fields in Database properties does not save sett

Postby hudsonhawk » Sun Feb 16, 2020 8:13 am

I've found an apparent bug in the Views on iOS.
Whether you have the settings for a View to change when the View settings change on the database or not, when you change to a view with different settings and then return to the original view, you lose all the view settings. At least this happens on the Default view.

I've had this issue across multiple databases on different situations and have not taken the time to document all the situations but it seems consistent.

1. Set "When Filter and Sorting Change" to "Update View Settings also" on the Default View.
2. Set new settings in DB Properties for view length. Click Back to see the changes in Default View. Close DB.
3. Open DB in Default View. Still shows new settings.
4. Open different View that has "Do NOT Update View" for "When Filter and Sorting Change"
5. Return to Default View. It has now lost all the DB view settings.

Some of the effects are odd. for example, I create databases with a default db template that has all List View Width values set to 0% except for the first field. Once I add more than the default view, fields will start showing up in the view - often at 1% width.

The only option that apparently works, is to set individual view settings for each view.
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