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WiFi sync work around

PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2021 12:36 am
by idamtnboy
Syncing between Windows 10 and my Galaxy S7 quit. I discovered it today when I needed to sync one of my db's. I couldn't get anything to work. It kept hanging while syncing a database. The last thing I tried was creating a new user but HB could not find the phone even though I input the correct IP into the sync dialog. DejaOffice PC CRM and SplashData synced without a problem so obviously the PC to phone communication was working. USB sync isn't an option any more after Google blocked mounting the phone as a mass storage device.

But, the memory card option still works! I connected my phone for file transfer via USB and inserted a card into another USB port. Using Windows Explorer I copied the entire HB folder from the phone internal storage to the card and set up a new user paired to the card. After updating all the databases I copied the HB folder from the card back to the phone. A little bit of a clumsy way to do it but it works. You have to use a separate card because Android no longer allows a program that is not up to date to use card storage on the phone. And guess what happened? All the databases that hung up during the WiFi sync synced perfectly using the card option. Obviously that means the db's were not corrupt.