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spreadsheet <-> handbase

Postby GaelicGrime » Wed Dec 02, 2009 10:39 am

First, I have been a loyal user for a very long time (not that that will increase the chances of my getting an answer LOL)

I have bene using handbase for ever and never found a problem I could not solve easily using either trial and error or the manual.

I think I have now discovered a problem which may be a feature request (I will beg on command)

I have an open office spreadsheet I wish to exchange data with a database. I wish to be able to edit either and sync with the other.

CSV has always worked well for this task, field seperator set to <tab> and away we go back and forth all day.

Now I need to do this with a couple of calculated fields which need to be calculated ONLY on the palm (antique Z31). I can remove the calculated fields easy enough when exporting the CSV but I can not figure out how to import a CSV from the spreadsheet leaving the calculations intact in the imported fields.

I would settle for being able to import the formula since I can easily include that in the spread sheet.

Am I missing something or is this not currently possible. If the latter what would I need to do to bring this to the attention of the proper people?
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Re: spreadsheet <-> handbase

Postby dhaupert » Thu Dec 03, 2009 4:49 pm

Hi there,

First, thanks for being a loyal user. In this day and age, we count on folks like you to keep us going!

I was unclear on the import aspect of your question. If the field you are importing into in HanDBase is a calculation, anything you import will be ignored as HanDBase recalculates the record as it saves it. So it shouldn't matter what is in there, and unfortunately you can't force a value.

We can't import the formula, since our formula is per datatabase field, not per record.

Please let me know if I'm messing up your question- I have a feeling I'm not getting it!
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Re: spreadsheet <-> handbase

Postby hudsonhawk » Sun Feb 16, 2020 9:52 am

I know this post is probably long gone but just in case anyone has a similar issue.
I regularly get over this limitation with the following technique.

1. First, I relabel the calculated field (i.e. usually by putting "calc" before the original name). Ex: calcSumTotal
2. Next, I'll add two additional fields to the Calculated field. The first field should allow entry and match the desired output (i.e. Text or Integer). The second field is a Conditional Field that I usually label with the original calculated field name. Ex:
- overrideSumTotal
- SumTotal
3. For the Conditional field (i.e. SumTotal), simply check to see if the entry field has a value. If YES, then use that field's value (i.e. overrideSumTotal). If NO, then use the value from the calculated field (i.e. calcSumTotal).
4. Update any additional field references for the old field with the new conditional field.

This should work both for any manual updates as well as importing records into a database.
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