New HanDBase 4.1.5 Development Version Released

Discussion of HanDBase running on Windows Mobile Standard (formerly Smartphones) devices and syncing with desktop computers.

New HanDBase 4.1.5 Development Version Released

Postby DavidDevaneyJr » Mon Oct 19, 2009 4:14 pm

We have released new Development versions of the following products and they are now available for download:

HanDBase for Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone)
HanDBase Plus for Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone)
HanDBase Professional for Windows Standard (Smartphone)
HanDBase Enterprise for Windows Standard (Smartphone)

NOTE: No update was released for the Standard version, HanDBase for Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone), as this change only applies if you have the Conduit.

Please note the Warning at the beginning of the Installation, if you are upgrading from the Release version or from the D4 Development build, and contact us if you have any questions before proceeding. Also be sure to synchronize your device with the computer BEFORE installing this build as the location of the HanDBase Sync folder has changed.

This development version release includes the fixes in the previous development builds in addition to the following. No other changes were made to this update.

Some users were experiencing issues where the program would crash immediately on opening it. This has been corrected. Additionally we found a problem where the Sample Databases were not being moved properly. That has also been corrected.

Additionally, this build should properly install on WM 6.1 and 6.5 devices.

If you have any questions about this new build before installing it please respond here or contact support [at] ddhsoftware [dot] com.

If you are still having issues with installing or running any portion of the software with UAC enabled or if you are a Standard User please let us know so we can look into any issues.

Answers to common questions:
What is a development version?

A development version is like a public beta version. When we make significant changes to a program that is not part of a major update (eg, 4.0, 5.0), we like to make sure that no new problems surfaced in the fixes we made. While we did test this application in house and with testers, it's best to keep the current release version as the current release, and only those who are needing some of the above changes can take the initiative to download the development version. Should you run into any issues, you can always come back to the Registered User's page and download the current release version to get back to where you were before. As with any update, I'd suggest backing up all your files before performing the update.

How do I get the development version?

Log into the Registered users page:
Username: Your email address
Password: what password you were given at purchase (not your license key). If you don't have this, click the lost password option on the above page and we'll email it to you.

Next to each product you'll see the Download button- that is NOT the one you want as it's the latest release version. Instead, select the option under the words: Latest Development Version: 4.1.5 build D3, to download. That will get you the installer for the development version!

Why was the bug xxx I reported not fixed in this version?

This version addresses most all bugs we were able to verify and duplicate in house. If we can't duplicate the bug we can't fix it. If your submission was not verified, chances are we emailed you back to say we needed more help duplicating the issue on our end. If we didn't, there is a chance we missed it or it fell through the crack. If so, very sorry about that. Feel free to comment in this topic if this is the case, and I can comment on that particular issue or follow up with you.

Is this going to be the release version?

If we find no other issues we will likely just release the slightly fixed version in a few weeks. If there are any significant issues, we'll likely release another development version before the release version.
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