HANDBASE DESKTOP DEMO version 4.7.5 not synching databases

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HANDBASE DESKTOP DEMO version 4.7.5 not synching databases

Postby eskerke » Wed Apr 04, 2018 2:47 pm

I recently purchased HANDBASE for my android phone from the google playstore. I then downloaded HANDBASE Desktop Demo, so I could synch databases with my computer and see how that worked. I attempted to do it via Wifi. The android phone and the database appeared to be talking to each other as I could see information happening on both displays. Yet the process never appeared to complete on the PC as the app became non responsive, and I had to kill the run. I have pasted the log files into the bottom of this message. The databases where also not accessible from the desktop software after synching. I am running 10, and the demo version I downloaded from your web site apparently already needed an upgrade.

HanDBase Plus for Android Add-on
New Release Version 4.6.2 Build R1 available

But every time I would attempt to get the update it would take me to a handbase login screen, after logging in, nothing would happen. I also attempted to locate this update on your website and was unsuccessful.

Will HANDBASE desktop work with Windows 10? I did some quick searches and found little comfort as entry mentioned similar issues but had not been addressed since March 18.

like the last person stated ....any help would be great.
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Re: HANDBASE DESKTOP DEMO version 4.7.5 not synching databas

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:32 am

Hi there,

Thanks for writing. Please ignore the update notice on the demo version- there is no update available!

To answer your question about Windows 10, HanDBase Desktop works fine with it for many users, myself included. It sounds like your issue is not related to Windows 10 but could be a corrupt database. If you go to the Sync log you should see the last entry before the lock up- feel free to post the sync log here and I can advise further.

Assuming the database named xyz is the last to be syncing when the app crashes each time, try the following:

Go to the folder where the databases are synced (under My Documents, HanDBase and your username) and try deleting that file.
Try to sync again and see if it completes. If it does, than the desktop database file was corrupt and all should be fine now. If it doesn't help, than it may be that the Android database is corrupt, in which case, you'll have to try to restore a backup from the Backup folder within HanDBase. Here's how you do that:

Open HanDBase Desktop and select File|Open. Choose the browse button.
Locate the backup folder within your username and find the newest version of the database xyz. The file names show the dates and whether they came from the mobile or desktop. Try to open the newest version on the mobile device. If it opens, choose File|Install to Smartphone/Handheld and choose your device.
Now sync again- this file will be installed first before the rest of the sync process, and hopefully all will be fine.

Let me know how you make out!
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