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Tutorial 17: Designing a Simple set of Forms for a Database on iOS
Product: HanDBase for iPhoneArticle Number: 382Creation Date: 06/09/2011
With version 4.7.5 of HanDBase for iPhone and version 4.7.92 of HanDBase for iPad, there is now the ability to create custom forms for your databases using an optional in-app purchase of the forms designer. Custom forms creates unlimited possibilities in how your data is displayed and unleashes a new world of creativity for your databases.

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to create a form from scratch- that is, we will start with a blank piece of 'paper' and then put together a usable form using a number of simple controls. We will also demonstrate using the form wizard to create a second form and link the two together.

Click Here to download the iPhone version of the tutorial in PDF format.

Click Here to download the iPad version of the tutorial in PDF format.

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