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What is Mobile TS?

Mobile TS is the first application to connect Palm OS handhelds to Windows desktops and workstations via the Terminal Services or Remote Desktop capabilities built into many Microsoft Windows operating systems.

  • While away from your office, using your Palm OS handheld, remotely control your data, applications, and network resources that are on your office computer, without being there.
  • Uses RDP Protocol to securely (SSL encryption) and efficiently control your computer remotely, via Internet or network connection.
  • Mobile TS takes advantage of the new wireless enabled handhelds, high-resolution screens, and DPad controls, to allow a rich user experience.

Enterprise Accepted Solution- Since the introduction of Terminal Services with Windows NT4 Terminal Services edition, enterprises have been widely using Terminal Services for their Thin Client solution.  It's an industry accepted solution and not just an untested proprietary protocol. 

No Additional Server Software required- For companies using OS' equipped with Terminal Services (like Windows 2000 Server, and Windows 2003 Server) and Remote Desktop (built into Windows XP Professional), there is no additional software to install on the server.  No other communication software to pose a potential security threat or risk to your business.

True Thin Client Architecture- Using Terminal Services allows for multiple concurrent sessions on a single server (if licensed) meaning a single workstation running Windows 2003 Server (or similar) could host dozens of handhelds each accessing their own virtual desktops and applications, making the need for the latest desktops or laptops unnecessary and increasing ROI within the company.
Advanced Features - Later versions of the RDP protocol support features such as Drive mapping (where the client's drives appear as mapped drives on the remote computer), and sound redirection.  While these are not yet supported in Mobile TS, with enough customer demand we have the option and capability of adding this functionality in the future.


Landscape Mode (480x320) on a Sony UX50 handheld

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