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Scenario #1: You're at the airport waiting to board a flight to attend a conference half way around the world, when you receive a panic stricken call on your cell phone from your assistant. She breaks the untimely news that your largest customer just finished yelling at her, and demanded that someone fix his order immediately. The caller on the other side avidly indicated to your assistant, that they've been overcharged and short-shipped product on their last delivery. What can you do to solve this hot-problem before boarding your flight in five minutes?[more]

Scenario #2: You're the tech coordinator at a school, when one day your Principal calls you to her office to assign you to a special project. Before you know it, she puts you in charge of finding a way to access the Student Information System (SIS) remotely on campus. You think to yourself, hey that's right up my alley-I know the perfect solution! [more]

Scenario #3: You regularly use Remote Desktop on your laptop to access your desktop PC at work (running Win XP Pro).  But you're at a conference and decided to leave the laptop back in the hotel room. 

While attending a presentation, a contractor who works for one of your clients calls your cell phone. It turns out he hasn't received the latest architecture plans from your office yet, and your clients building permits are about to expire. You don't have the time to take a taxi back to the hotel room to access your desktop, so now what do you do? [more]


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