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Scenario #1- Full story:

You're at the airport waiting to board a flight to attend a conference half way around the world, when you receive a panic stricken call on your cell phone from your assistant. She breaks the untimely news that your largest customer just finished yelling at her, and demanded that someone fixes his order immediately. The caller on the other side avidly indicated to your assistant, that they've been overcharged and short-shipped product on their last delivery. What can you do to solve this hot-problem before boarding your flight in five minutes?

Thankfully, you're prepared to handle this potentially explosive situation with ease! Without hesitation, you remove your new wireless enabled Palm with Mobile TS installed out of your pocket. Seeing the wireless "Hot-spot" sign above your seat in the boarding area, you gain access the Internet almost instantly. Then, before you know it you've got complete control over your computer back at the office using the Mobile TS program you installed.

Seconds later you've accessed the client's contracted pricing and approved products list in your company's proprietary CRM program on the company server. Having access to that information, you notice an unauthorized price increase was applied to the account, and that somehow three top selling SKU's have been listed as "unauthorized."

As you hear the final boarding call for your plane over the loud speaker, you quickly use the Mobile TS program to gain access to your office computer's email program.  You generate the first message to notify the pricing department manager about the overcharge, and instruct him to issue a credit right away. Next, you send a second email to your warehouse manager asking her to reinstate the three missing SKU's, and to ship the quantities ordered by the VIP customer immediately.

Lastly, with the few remaining minutes before your plane leaves, you send your VIP customer a quick email letting him know you have the situation under control, and that credits will be issued within the hour, and the three missing SKU's will be delivered the next morning. Your wireless Palm and Mobile TS investment paid off again-- mission accomplished!


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