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Scenario #2- Full story:

You're the tech coordinator at a school, when one day your Principle calls you to her office to assign you to a special project. Before you know it, she puts you in charge of finding a way to access the Student Information System (SIS) remotely on campus. You think to yourself, hey that's right up my alley-I know the perfect solution!

Being an aficionado of Palm technology, you already know about the new wireless devices that will work on your schools new 802.11g network. Now all you have to do is figure out the best method for accessing the SIS information stored on the school's server.

In your search, you come across Mobile TS, a new Palm application that enables users to control their office computer via their Palm handheld device. Exploring the solution a little further, you discover Mobile TS can be used as a thin-client within a multi-user operating environment. Wow, you think to yourself - that means multiple Palm users can share the same CPU, memory and applications on one system. This would potentially save the school thousands of dollars by not having to purchase more expensive PC's.

Not too long after receiving your assignment, you report back to the Principle and outline the affordable solution your discovered. You enthusiastically explain to her that by combining wireless enabled Palm devices using Mobile TS, that the faculty can have fast access to the student information system remotely on campus. Very smart idea, she tells you!

But that's not everything, you tell her, and then you go on to explain how the school can save thousands by using Palm devices with Mobile TS as a "Thin-client" solution. She looks back at you with a somewhat perplexed look on her face an says, "What's a thin-client?" You explain that instead of purchasing expensive notebook computers and the

software applications, the school can instead use lower priced Palm's with Mobile TS installed, which will allow multiple users to share(*) system resources, such as software applications and printers right from their Palm handhelds. Your Principle looks over at you and says with a smile, nice going, let's run with it asap! Palm wireless devices and Mobile TS just helped you increase your stock value with the Principle-mission accomplished!

(*) requires Terminal Services licensing from Microsoft


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