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Scenario #3- Full Story

You regularly use Remote Desktop on your laptop to access your desktop
PC at work (running Win XP Pro).  But you're at a conference and
decided to leave the laptop back in the hotel room. 

While attending a presentation, a contractor who works for one of your clients calls your cell phone. It turns out he hasn't received the latest architecture plans from your office yet, and your clients building permits are about to expire. You don't have the time to take a taxi back to the hotel room to access your desktop, so now what do you do?

Normally you'd use the conference's supplied computers to access your remote desktop as you've done in the past.  But you heard about the rash of people putting software and hardware key loggers on public access terminals that makes using one no longer a secure option, even with the encryption built into Remote Desktop. 

Because you have a wirelessly enabled Palm, you run your Mobile TS application using the hotels WiFi Hot-Spot, and have a safe, fast, and viable alternative.

Within seconds, using Mobile TS, you've remotely gained access to your office computer, and have pulled up the drawings in the CAD application.

Just as though you were sitting at your computer, you send the drawings to the wide-format printer on the network. Then, you open your email program on your office computer sending your assistant a short message, asking her to have the drawings waiting on the printer couriered over to the contractor's office asap.

Thanks to your wireless enabled Palm and Mobile TS, you've solved the fiasco in less than five minutes-mission accomplished!


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