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Mobile TS usage of the RDP protocol ensures your communication is SAFE!

  • Mobile TS communicates over Secure Socket Layers (SSL) at 128-bit encryption.  This is the same level of encryption online store fronts use to protect credit card information while you are ordering.  This applies to all data sent in both directions, meaning no one can listen in on either end or in between.
  • Passwords are not stored on the handheld as the Windows Terminal Services system prompts for a password after being connected.  The encryption is already enabled and the password and login information is being sent through this secure channel.  Since the passwords are not stored on the handheld, even if your handheld is lost or stolen, the person
    finding or stealing it has gained no access to gaining control of your server or desktop.
  • Unlike using a Remote Desktop client on a public access terminal while you are away, using your own handheld offers much more security, since you can be sure no hardware or software key loggers are being used on your own personal device.

Log On screen shown in Landscape Mode on a Tungsten T3

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