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  • HanDBase Professional for Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone)
    Code: DDHHB4WMSP301
    Product Name: HanDBase Professional for Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone)
    Price: $39.99

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    Desktop OS
    HanDBase for Windows Mobile Smartphone Professional Edition includes the following HanDBase components:
    • HanDBase for Windows Mobile Smartphone
    • HanDBase Windows desktop companion program
    • Two-way Activesync synchronization "conduit"
    • HanDBase DataExchange for MS Access
    • HanDBase SyncExchange for MS Access

    The ActiveSync Conduit enables users to Synchronize their databases between the Smartphone and Windows desktop versions of HanDBase. Now all changes to the same database, down to the record level, on either the handheld or desktop are merged together when you Synchronize! The practicality of this solution enables two people to work on the same database, one likely in the field using his or her Windows Mobile Smartphone, while back at the office a staff member can be working on the same database using the HanDBase Desktop program. Later when the Smartphone is Synchronized, the conduit compares the two files and intelligently merges them together.

    HanDBase Data Exchange for MS Access enables you to convert an existing MS Access database into HanDBase format. This feature saves time because you don't have re-create your existing databases from scratch and can quickly import existing data. This also makes it easier to set up your HanDBase databases to synchronize with your MS Access database.

    HanDBase Sync Exchange for ODBC enables you to set up your HanDBase databases to synchronize with an MS Access Table on your Desktop. This component encompasses the Activesync Conduit and Data Exchange functionality to enable a two way synchronzation between your HanDBase database and an MS Access Table.

    The Enterprise edition also includes Multi-User, Cross-Platform support. This enables you to set up multiple users, be they Smartphone, Pocket PC or Palm OS users, to synchronize to the same copy of the HanDBase database on the Desktop. Using Sync Exchange you can also set up multiple users to sync to an MS Access Table.

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    System Requirements

    Visit the HanDBase Specs page for System Requirements.