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HanDBase Packages / Versions:  Standard
Professional Edition
Standard Edition
Professional Edition
Palm OS

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Windows Mobile (Pocket PC)
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Windows Mobile Smartphone
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Symbian Series 60 (S60)
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iPhone/iPod Touch

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Apple iPad

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Cross Platform Compatibility

HanDBase Desktop for Windows

HanDBase Desktop for Macintosh

HanDBase Desktop Conduit

HanDBase Forms Designer


Data Exchange for Microsoft Access

Data Exchange for ODBC

Multi-User / Scalable Application

Sync Exchange for Microsoft Access

Sync Exchange for ODBC Database Programs

ODBC Driver


**For Windows Mobile Smartphones only the Desktop Forms Designer is included, but forms created will work on Windows Mobile Smartphones.
For BlackBerry and iPhone and iPod Touch the Desktop Forms Designer is included to create forms for the Desktop but at this time
Forms will not work on the BlackBerry or iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.

***The ODBC Driver is not included in the HanDBase Enterprise Add-on for iPhone.

Awards:                                                                                                                  Top


HanDBase has earned the industries most celebrated awards...
including Pocket PC Magazine's "Best Database" title for three consecutive years!

Program Features:                                                                                                                  Top
  • Views feature- enables users to create & store data’ based on a set of filters, sorting, and field settings criteria. Users can easily toggle between different "Views" with two quick taps.
  • External Memory:
    Memory Cards are supported for handhelds running Palm OS v4.0 or higher, as well the Handera 330. Memory cards on Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, Windows Mobile Smartphones, Symbian Series 60 and Symbian UIQ device are supported. Databases can now be kept on memory cards and opened within HanDBase.

  • Set-All Function- quickly set all of the values for a field within a Filter range or View to the same value.
  • Cascading Popup Lists Support- create popup lists that have a more manageable hierarchy structure and allow the user to drill down on their appropriate text without having to scroll through a large list.
  • Specify "New Record" Default Values- for text fields, notes, floats, db popups, and more.
  • Quick Search Feature- jump to an item quickly just by writing the first few letters you are searching for from the list view.
  • Filters- supports 6 different criteria.
  • Sorting- supports primary, secondary and tertiary levels
  • List View Editing- save time by editing checkboxes, popups, dates and times directly from the list view.
  • Alarm Feature- offers users the flexibility to set reminders from within HanDBase, plus the added benefit to add a DateBook entry.
  • Field Limit- 100.
  • Maximum Number of Databases- 200. (based on available memory)
  • Maximum Number of Records- 65,000. (based on available memory)
  • Edit Field Order- this option offers a convenient up and down selector to change the order field order.
  • Database Options- Create New & Edit Existing Database conveniently from your handheld.
  • Record Options- Edit, Move, Copy, Export, Print, Beam.
Security Settings:                                                                                                                     Top
  • Encryption- your databases are more secure than ever with HanDBase's encryption options:
    • Encrypt marked fields when database is closed
    • Encrypt marked fields on record closed
    • Manual encryption of records only
    • The Encryption options in HanDBase make HIPAA compliance much easier.
  • 128 Bit Encryption- Using the SaferSK encryption algorithm
  • Access Permissions- can be set on the following parameters: Open Database, Add Records, Edit Records, Delete Records, Edit Popups, DB Properties, Delete Database, Beam Database.

NOTE: Encryption is not currently supported on the BlackBerry Platform.

Field-Types:                                                                                                                                Top
  • Relationship- can be used to perform one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many type joins between other databases.
  • Calculation- Calculation editor has been designed to emulate a standard calculator for a more intuitive setup.
    • Supports up to 6 operations.
    • Supports advanced math and logarithmic functions, such as trigonometry, floor/ceiling, square root, rounding, and power.
    • Users can add, subtract, multiply, divide, or average numerical values. Output can result as dates, times, floating point, or integer values. Perform running totals, averages, and more.
  • Conditional- the output of a conditional field is based off of a comparison (IF/THEN/ELSE) of any two fields or values.
  • External- allows additional plug-ins to be installed to offer field types and functionality beyond that which is built-in to HanDBase.
  • Pop-up - List This field forces a value to one from a defined list. Supports up to 60 Popups.
  • Check Box - Provides users with values to be selected by tapping corresponding check boxes, such as true/false and yes/no values.
  • Linked- Users can link two databases together, allowing a record of one database to act as a key to other databases. This feature enables users to jump from one relational database to the related items in a linked database.
  • DB Pop-up- This field type is similar to a pop-up field, except the pop-up choices come from any other database. Users can group several DB Pop-ups together to be updated simultaneously.
  • Image - Users can capture black & white images or handwritten signatures.
  • Integer - This field stores numerical values with pop-ups for users' most common values.
  • Floating Point - This field stores floating-point numbers, such as those with a decimal point in its value.
  • Date - When tapping into a Date field, a calendar conveniently pops up for choosing dates. Can be set to automatically record the date a record was added, modified, and more.
  • Time - This field enables users to either manually enter the time, select from a pop-up "time picker" or opt to have time entered automatically.
  • Unique - This field is automatically filled with a value unique to that record.
Conduits:                                                                                                                                 Top
  • HanDBase Plus, Professional and Enterprise include a basic bi-directional conduit for Syncing your data between HanDBase on your handheld/mobile device and the HanDBase Desktop on your desktop or laptop computer. This provides a two-way sync of your data allowing you to add or edit records on either your handheld/mobile device or your desktop/laptop and have the data synchronized when you connect your device.

    HanDBase Professional and Enterprise include Sync Exchange which is a bi-directional conduit that enables HanDBase users to seamlessly interface their mobile data files with other popular back-end database systems. The Professional edition for Windows includes a conduit for MS Access. The Enterprise edition for Windows includes a conduit for MS Access and any Database program that supports ODBC, such as MS SQL Server or MySQL. These conduits are also available separately.

    The Enterprise edition also includes the ODBC driver which enables you to set up your HanDBase database as an ODBC data source so it can be accessed and edited by another database program that supports ODBC.

System Requirements:                                                                                                             Top
  • OS - 4.1, 5.0, 5.2, 5.4 or higher
  • Available Memory - 770 Kb (HanDBase) | 155 Kb (HanDBase Forms)
Windows Mobile Pocket PC/Classic or Professional:
  • OS - Windows Mobile Pocket PC/Classic or Professional 2003SE, Windows Mobile 5.x or Windows Mobile 6.x device. Arm or X-Scale based processor required.
  • Available Memory - 915 Kb (HanDBase) | 750Kb (HanDBase Forms)
Windows Mobile Smartphone/Standard:
  • OS - Windows Mobile Smartphone/Standard 5.x or 6.x
  • Available Memory - 370 Kb
Symbian S60:
  • OS - Symbian S60 device with Symbian 9.1 (3rd edition) or 9.4 (5th edition)
  • Available Memory - 300 Kb
  • OS - 4.2 or higher
  • Available Memory - 2.0 MB
iPhone/iPod Touch:
  • OS - 3.0 or higher
  • Available Memory - 1.4 MB
  • OS - 3.2 or higher
  • Available Memory - 1.5 MB
Windows Desktop/Laptop PC:
  • OS - Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP, Vista or Windows 7.
  • Available Memory - 4 MB
  • Sync Software:
    • Palm OS - Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager 4.1 or higher.
    • Windows Mobile Standard/Classic/Professional:
      • ActiveSync 4.5 or higher (Windows 2000, Server 2003 or XP)
      • Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 or higher (Windows Vista or Windows 7)
    • BlackBerry - BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.6 or higher. (Most current version recommended for device compatibility)
    • iPhone or iPod touch - syncing your iPhone or iPod touch does not require any special software but does require a WiFi connection. You must be able to wirelessly connect your device to the same network your computer is connected to. The computer can be connected wirelessly or via a wired connection.
Macintosh Desktop/Laptop:
  • Processor - G4, G5 or Intel
  • OS - Mac OS X 10.5x or 10.6x
  • Available Memory - 2 MB
  • Sync Software:
    • Palm OS - Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager 4.2 or higher.
    • Windows Mobile Standard/Classic/Professional - Using the MissingSync software from Mark/Space it is possible to back your databases up to your Mac. MissingSync is not a free application.
    • iPhone or iPod touch - syncing your iPhone or iPod touch does not require any special software but does require a WiFi connection. You must be able to wirelessly connect your device to the same network your computer is connected to. The computer can be connected wirelessly or via a wired connection.

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