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Give your database the
ultimate extreme

Drag-n-drop designer

Easily create & modify forms on
either your handheld or
desktop PC

Endless creative possibilities!

Forms designer included with Professional & Enterprise packages
or sold seperately

sample Pocket PC form
Develop easy to use custom forms for your handheld computer!

Turn your PDA into a more efficient data collection solution where you can have multiple users collecting field data, and then synchronize all the forms into one consolidated database on a central server.
Electronic forms system will speed up your collection process and save money.

Traditional pen and paper-based forms are being replaced today with electronic versions running on portable handheld computers. The result is a simple to use electronic form that even a beginner can learn to use in just minutes.

The real power, however, for implementing an electronic forms process is the speed the field data can be centrally merged into a single data source, where queries can be run to produce reports for sales, billing, service logs, and more.

Imagine how much time and money your company could save through seamlessly integrating field data from multiple users with a central back-end database?
HanDBase Forms Is The Solution!

Our new software offers true forms capability for mobile database users seeking to build a completely customized data entry interface. This custom interface runs on the award winning HanDBase database engine platform:

  • Drag and drop user interface design of custom forms linked to the HanDBase data.
  • Create Tabs, Buttons, Checkboxes, Popups, List boxes, Fields, and shapes on your forms with full color support.
  • Link forms together to create a wizard-like easy-to-use form for a large database.
  • Forms created with HanDBase forms builder can be used by any HanDBase 3.0 user
What platforms is the HanDBase Forms Designer available for?

The HanDBase Forms Designer, the tool you use to create custom forms, is available on the following platforms:
  • Palm OS
  • Windows Mobile Classic/Professional (Pocket PC with touchscreen)
  • Windows Desktop (95, 98, ME, NT 4.51, 2000, XP or Vista)
What platforms are HanDBase Forms supported on?

Currently forms that you design for your database with the HanDBase Forms Designer can be used on the following platforms:
  • Palm OS
  • Windows Mobile Classic/Professional (Pocket PC with touchscreen)
  • Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone without touchscreen)
  • Windows Desktop (95, 98, ME, NT 4.51, 2000, XP or Vista)
Can I sync the data collected using the Forms program with my desktop?

Yes. The Forms program is an interface tool is supported by the HanDBase engine; therefore, all the data stored in HanDBase on a handheld can be synced with the HanDBase desktop, and other applications, such as Microsoft Access, Sybase, SQL Server and most all ODBC enabled database programs.
Can our company use the Forms to collect data on multiple handhelds, and then sync all the devices to a shared folder on our server?

HanDBase is a multi-user, scalable program. This enables company’s the ability to sync multiple users to a central database on the corporate server. The options for synchronization are:
  • USB or Ethernet cradle
  • Wirelessly using infrared, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or over TCP/IP connection.
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