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03/26/2015Fav RestaurantsFood and Drink
This is a database to store info on your favorite restaurants, and places you want to try. The neighborhoods, cities, and views are all in and around Seattle, Washington, but you can easily delete these and substitute your own local cities and neighborhoods. For years I tried various ways of ... More
03/23/2015Needlepoint Thread InventoryMiscellaneous
Enter all threads you own into this database and never buy duplicates again. When stitching projects from stash, you'll start here to determine what you'll use. ... More
03/23/2015Needlepoint Thread Brands DatabaseMiscellaneous
This database is used in conjunction with the Needlepoint Threads Inventory database. It allows for more information about threads used in a project. ... More
03/23/2015Needlepoint SourcesMiscellaneous
This database works with Needlepoint Projects and identifies sources of your needlework. ... More
03/23/2015Needlepoint ProjectsMiscellaneous
A useful tool to list all needlework projects, their status, etc ... More
03/23/2015Needlepoint Color ToolMiscellaneous
This database is used to help identify the color of threads entered in the Needlepoint Thread Inventory database. It is based on Joen Wolfrom's Color Tool book, updated 3rd edition. ... More
03/23/2015Needlepoint Beads InventoryMiscellaneous
A useful tool to organize beads used in needlework. ... More
03/16/2015My running logSports
A comprehensive running log for the serious runner. You can also use it if you're trying to lose weight. You should install the applet "Weight loss goals with a calorie calculator" and the accompanying applets to get the most out of the applet. I made a workaround so you can ... More
02/25/2015Previous giftsMiscellaneous
This is a add-on database for Gift Planner. Basically it allows you to check previous gifts when using Gift Planner. You will see the corresponding name, the occasion, what you bought, the price and a note. The best way to add new record is to use the DBpopup in the name field and ... More
02/22/2015Gift planner - formMiscellaneous
Form for the "Gift planner" applet Update: - beautiful colors and a changed layout - added action buttons for pop-ups, camera and a link to another database: Previous gifts (please update the applet as well for the link to work) - I also made a version with icons. You can download it at this ... More
02/22/2015Gift plannerMiscellaneous
Update: - now you can see previous gifts from another database: Previous gifts - forms now have beautiful colors and a slight change in layout (see forms) Manage wish lists from family, friends etc. Add extra info like a picture of the wish, note and store info. Create to buy list and keep ... More
02/18/2015Weight loss goals with a calorie calculator-formFood and Drink
This is the form that comes with the applet: Weight loss and a calorie calculator ... More
02/18/2015Activity levelFood and Drink
This is a part of the applet: Weight loss and a calorie calculator. It allows you to choose your daily activity level for calculating your BMR. ... More
02/18/2015Physical activitiesFood and Drink
This is the complete list of the Compendium of Physical Activities with 800+ registered activities and their MET value. This database is a part of the applet: Weight loss and a calorie calculator. ... More
02/17/2015Weight loss goals with a calorie calculatorFood and Drink
This applet allows you to track your weekly weight loss and set a target weight as well as other goals. Before getting started you should weigh yourself and measure your waist and hips (see comments for instructions). Initially your BMR and BMI will be calculated after you input your data and ... More
01/28/2015ICOT 7.0Teaching
ICOT Observations ... More
01/28/2015ICOT 6.0Teaching
ICOT Observations ... More
01/28/2015ICOT 5.0Teaching
ISTE Observations ... More
01/20/2015CCSD ICOT 4.0Teaching
ICOT Observation Tool ... More
01/16/2015CCSD 3.0aTeaching
ICOT Observation Tool ... More
01/14/2015CCSD ICOT 2.0cTeaching
Classroom Technology Observation Tool ... More
01/13/2015ICOT 2.0bAutomobiles
Observation Tool ... More
01/13/2015CCSD ICOT 2.0aAutomobiles
Technology Integration Observation Tool ... More
01/05/2015Gutermann Thread DBMiscellaneous
A list of all colors of Gutermann's all purpose thread as of January 2015. Fields include color number, color name, qty on hand, need more and color family. The color family is not necessarily right, just approximate from their data. ... More
01/04/2015CCSD ICOT 2.0Teaching
Technology Data collection form ... More

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