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1. The header files and source code are released as is, with no warranties expressed or implied. Neither the author nor DDH Software, Inc is responsible for any damages caused by the use/misuse of this source code. The user is permitted to use this source code only in programs used for performing database related operations via HanDBase Application Programming Interface (here in after API) written by DDH Software. Any other use is expressly forbidden. This includes reverse engineering of the HanDBase software, HanDBase software's operation, creation of a competitive PalmOS/PocketPC program, and any modifications to any DDH Software, Inc. programs or APIs.

All works that include or derive from this source code, must reference DDH Software, Inc. as the supplier of a portion of the source code, and provide either links to the DDH Software web site: http://www.ddhsoftware.com or the email address: sales@ddhsoftware.com Inclusion of any DDH Software, Inc. programs or documentation is expressly forbidden unless prior consent from DDH Software, Inc has been made.

2. Please do not distribute this source code or header files publicly, without expressed permission.

3. This source is provided for the benefit of HanDBase users and developers, and HanDBase in general, and not intended to be used in any competitive way against HanDBase.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, by clicking , 'I Agree', this source code will be emailed to you for your use as outlined above.

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Any development related questions should go to: support@ddhsoftware.com

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